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Introductions - Redux




I'm back! After a blogging hiatus (really, I didn't even do more than an intro last time in 2013...) and with the official closing of the TMMO Forums, I am back full-time to reading and posting on this forum. I never really left, still kept up with everyone, but didn't post much. Hoping that will change now that my attention is not divided.


A Recap since 2013 (please see my 2013 intro post for more basic info):


DH and I married almost 5 years ago, September 11th, 2010. We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary with a beach vacation close to home, with my parents and brother, in a few weeks. We still miss going to Disneyland, haven't been back since our Honeymoon, plan to go back next summer. In the past two years, my wonderful AP job I posted about ended shortly after I posted, in April 2013. I became unemployed that month when the company was bought out. I was unemployed for 14 months, until July 2014, when I started working at my current company. Other than a brief, fleeting jaunt to 'test the waters/greener pastures' at another transportation company, I have stayed with my current company now for 13 months. I was an office temp for the first year, then became full-time employee last month. I work in the dispatch office, am absolutely loving my job and plan to stay until I am heavily pregnant - no kids as of yet, but on the future horizon. I plan to stay at home after [future] baby is born.


DH was also laid off from bookstore job when they went bankrupt in June 2013. He also dabbled in two jobs shortly after that, to make ends meet while I remained unemployed most of 2013/2014. In January 2015, he started as a bus driver in Seattle area, the same job as his brother, and both the same as their father 30 years prior (he's now head honcho for light rail division). Only 8 months since he started, he will be full-time soon, starting next month. Very, very happy. We prayed for this, full-time work for both of us with stable companies, for years. Now it's finally happening, we are very blessed and Thank God every day for what He has provided.


We still have plans to pay off our debt, save our 6 month efund, start contributing max to retirement, buy two cars (DH's died last month and now we just have mine, 2005 and 160K miles). Save for our house downpayment or buy land and house outright, hopefully all within the next year. DH's income will double mine, we only need less than $25K a year to pay our bills (not including debt payments), everything else (close to $50K plus) is gravy.


We also have roughly $30K in debt, and owe parents as well, not a defined amount, but will pay them back as soon as we're able. They would like us to pay them back when we are credit card debt free, which should be less than 6 months from today.


I dabble in Amazon's Mechanical Turk website to help with snowflakes, and DH earns overtime.


My plans through Labor Day:


1. clean apartment, focusing on each area as I go along

- first up is guest bedroom: vacuum, clean desk, organize media closet, organize bedroom closet

2. Make at least $15 in snowflakes (earned through Swagbucks and Amazon Mechanical Turk) - this will go towards paying off our lowest CC = Amtrac with $2K balance

3. Post here more often.


Thanks for reading!

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