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What's going on at my house right this moment.




At my house right now...


My DH is sick. He's sitting on his chair, wrapped in a blanket, researching something on his laptop, for some software he recently installed.


Raeanna is also sick. She is sitting on the couch, in warm jammies, quietly coloring in a book on a tv tray.


Dani Lee is sitting in her rocking chair doing a 48 piece puzzle by herself. Not asking for help, not getting frustrated with it.


I am still recovering from being sick, and planning my menu for September, grocery list for next week, looking up recipes, checking freezer inventory, etc.


CJ is alteranting between dancing around the living room, and playing with his cars.


Super Why is on the tv and every so often one of the kids looks up from what they are doing to answer whatever question the show is asking (where is M street? Which letters do you see?) And they are getting the answers right, the quietly going back to what they want.


All of us are waiting for dinner to finish baking in the oven. But despite some of us being sick, and all of us being hungry, everyone is chill and calm and happy. The kids aren't fighting with each other, no one is antagonizing anyone, and no one is whining about feeling crappy.


Not a bad way to spend and evening.

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