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The kids are back to school!




And for the first time in 6 years, I'm not back to school!


I was very worried about getting bored. So far I have so much to do, I can't believe how I ever did it all.


Last week was very busy with PTO stuff. This week I did my Sam's club trip in the middle of the day when there was no line, same with Publix. The bills are paid, budget is updated, there is no pile of paperwork just sitting here waiting for me to find time to deal with it. The kids are caught up on dr. appointments. I ran 3 miles today. I have done my Bible Study faithfully 4 days in a row now. I am getting enough sleep. I'm not snapping at everyone because I'm so behind at work. My husband needs to take three business trips this month and I was like "no problem" instead of stressing out about it. I have chicken broth and soups homemade and in the freezer. I am making bread more often. Meal plans are done ahead of time instead of last minute. Really, that's the largest change. Less stress due to less last minute scrambling. My husband will ask me about something and I'm like "already done". I can see the stress melting off of him too. I was able to drive the kids to school when it was pouring, instead of them having to ride their bikes in the rain.


In other news, the online job that I applied for 6 months ago called me last week and I interviewed out of town in person last Wednesday. Seeing as how there were 6 months between the phone interview and the in person one, I'm not holding my breath. They CLAIM I will know something in 7-10 days, but last time they told me "a few weeks", so...... Here's the thing, it would be the perfect job for me at this point in time. You make your own hours and work from home, as long as you get everything done and have certain response times. If I had not quit my job in June, I would not be available right now to take this job. I would never have missed the 3rd day of school to interview for another job (or if I did I would have had to lie to pull it off, and I hate doing that). We knew we were doing the right thing, even without having this new job lined up, and I feel like I'm getting confirmation of that. I may not get it, and that will be ok too. It's the only job I would take, however. We need me physically here and able to drive the kids everywhere.


We have our newest rental already rented out, it was super easy. Our easiest house yet. So far I have not had to pull from the rental for anything but I'm expecting to need to do so for October's budget....we will see.


We put an offer on a house that has three separate rental units, all already leased. Tenants want to stay. The units need some updating, but we would do that between tenants which means no work at all for us right now. Seller countered and we will accept it as soon as we clear up the zoning. (It is zoned multi-family, but another line of the city statute says duplex, so we have a call in to confirm that three units is ok). All other terms of the contract are fine. If this goes through it will be our highest cash flow property ever. The rent it's bringing in versus the sales price is great. It's also nice to have multiple renters in case one defaults, you are still getting something in the meantime while you go through the process of evicting someone. Harder to sell for sure, since it really only appeals to investors, but we aren't buying it to flip it, we need cash flow and this is a cash cow.


September is looking good. Small snowball to the house, but no Roths until we increase income either through rentals or this job opportunity. I am learning to be patient. Something will happen. We are doing all the things we need to do, and working hard on growing our business. I gave it my all in the interview, arrived early, dressed to impress, was calm and confident. All I can do is wait and trust. What's meant to be will be.


The kids sports have started up again for fall. I was prepared with my sinking funds. Everything is paid for other than scouts which will be paid for next week. I am enjoying cross country meets, it's my favorite sport to watch which I never would have guessed.


Laundry room renovation has started but stalled because of dh's business trips. There is only so much I can do without him. But the machines are still hooked up, luckily!


Anyway, that's about all for now.

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Every time I post here, something happens.  I would not blame you if you thought I was making it up.


I just got an email on the job, I passed this phase, however they are not done.  I will be contacted as soon as an opening matching my certification comes up for an additional interview.  It never ends!  LOL.

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That's awesome!! I have been giving some serious consideration to simply not going back to work when the twins finish preschool. I feel like there is always so much to do and I'm always so stressed out about it. It sounds pretty much amazing to have that stress relieved.

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Life seems to be in good order right now! I can't imagine how you did it all and worked too!! Glad your choice ar eworking out for everyone! Good luck with the new job!

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Did you take a leave of absence or resign?


I think I know what work at home job that you are talking about. Would love to know the pay for that. ..even ballpark? If it's what I am thinking, it is something I have thought about pursuing too.


I'm so excited for you!

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