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New motivation!



The Head of School at Naomi's school was chatting with me about how she wished the school had the Junior Kindergarten class back. Then she offhandedly asked me if I would like to teach it if they got it back! It took me by surprise, I didn't know what to say. I told her I didn't have a teaching degree, I had a degree in Religious Studies. She said she would check to find out if for that age I needed a degree or a license would work.


So, now I have this in the back of my mind at all times, haha! I would LOVE to teach at Naomi's school! I had been considering letting her know j was interested in any positions that opened up (administrative or teacher assistant) next year or the year after. I love teaching, I am having the most fun with my class this year already!


While looking up the certification possibilities I got information from a friend about an online college affiliated with UT that had a different learning model. It is a flat fee for 6 months at a time. You can complete as many classes as your time will allow in that 6 months. So, I could get a post baccalaureate teaching degree (this would be my first step I believe, although a counselor could suggest a Master's if my transcript indicates I qualify) in my time from home. The Head of School said it would probably be 2-3 years to shift the JK away from the preschool and into the actual school where it really belongs. I don't know why, it was a money pit when I worked at the J, not enough kids to pay the salary of the teacher but they paid it anyway.


I am so excited! The 6 month semesters cost just a few dollars over $3k at a time which is super affordable AND they have financial aid! I probably won't qualify for financial aid but it would be worth checking out.


Now I finally have something to help me push forward through this medical mess so I can really take care of our debt! I think I would like to have two debts paid off of the 3 before I apply for the school and check out their financial aid possibilities. My friend, a military wife, is getting her Bachelor's degree (maybe Master's I'm not sure) with so much federal financial aid that she paid $140 for her current 6 month semester. That would not be the case for me but maybe something to help? NO student loans!


I am so excited about the thought of moving forward into teaching a more advanced class! I may not end up going this route. If my health gets worse instead of better I will have to stop working but I'm "not sick enough" for disability so I would need to find something from home to keep our goals moving forward. It's just a really exciting idea!


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I take classes with WGU (which I am guessing is the school you are talking about).  I like that format, but it does require a lot of self motivation.  About half the classes are just a single test for the credits, the other half have a varying number of assignments (although 4-6 assignments for a 6 credit class is pretty common for business/accounting). You may be surprised how much financial aid you qualify for; you can run a fafsa estimator that will give you an idea of what your expected family contribution (EFC) would be, and estimate PELL grants from that.  Good luck!

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That's the school! I think telling myself we have to pay off at least one debt first is a great motivator. I will check out the FAFSA estimator though! I'm so happy for my friend who only has to pay a little, it's helping her realize her dream of being a special education teacher!

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The FAFSA estimator says we don't qualify for any grants.  I wasn't sure what to put in there though, because I don't know which degree path is right for me.  There is a post baccalaureate degree for early childhood education and there are master's programs.  I'm guessing if I really have 2-3 years to get it done then looking into the master's programs will be more beneficial financially in the end.


I let the Head of School know that I was looking into a program that would possibly take 2 years and she said the timing was hopefully perfect!  I'm also going to let her know that I would be interested in an administrative or assistant teacher position at the school if one came available.  I realized when she mentioned this how much easier my life would be if I worked close to their school AND had the same days off!

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You may find some grants that will help you get through school. You can put in specifics so only grants that can be beneficial to you display. Do you like asparagus??? Why does she ask that?? Because I saw a grant on there for asparagus lovers, of which I am one,but not headed back to school anytime soon!

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I'm not headed to school this year either. Considering waiting until the twins start Kindergarten and looking into not working at all and just going to school for a year. I should be able to complete the 37 credits needed to get my teaching degree in that time period. It depends on whether we can afford for me not to work, or to work part time at something from home. My body would appreciate it, that's for sure! I had another push through the pain day at work today!

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My DH also looked into classes through WGU to get his teaching degree in History and Math. We decided it was an excellent idea at the time and great for those who want to be teachers. While we chose a different route (he's now a metro bus driver), it was nice to be able to check out what options they had for post-BA students.


I completed my MBA through online classes (City University of Seattle), and found that over the 5 years it took while working full-time, one would have to be very disciplined and focused to do online studies. Perhaps a crash course through a community college would be an option, to gauge commitments for online learning? Unless you have taken online classes before? It's a very different learning environment and not easy, especially if you would need to do a lot of student teaching/hands-on experience.


Whatever you decide, I wish you the best!

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Thanks! Alex and I talked it over and decided that since there is time before te class would even be available that we are going to table the thought. I need to get through this year of teaching with my health intact and reassess. My friend gave me a referral link to her online job (real job, been supporting her for almost a year) and I'm going to check it out once I get through my referral at Vanderbilt. My darn health always gets in the way lately!

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