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Progress on cleaning out houses



From my thread, I'm cleaning out two houses. I guess I should say I'm totally cleaning out one house and making the other one livable. I wanted to post to keep myself accountable and to have a plan of what needs to be done. Yesterday I got two bedrooms and two baths completely done. The only things in those rooms are what is on the walls, boxes I couldn't lift, and chairs/lamps that need to be taken away. I'm working three days a week so I have two days while the kids are at school. Here's my plan:


Dad's house:

Fri 8/29 (I have to work a few hours in the morning) - kitchen and foyer

Tues 9/1 - bedroom upstairs

Thur 9/3 - living room upstairs

Thur 9/10 - bedroom downstairs and den downstairs

Sat 9/12 - basement (hopefully with my brother's help)

Tues 9/15 - room under steps

Thurs 9/17 - den downstairs

Working everyday the next week

9/29 - basement

In October I'll move to the building which has all the Christmas decorations, tools, and who knows what else!


I usually work at my aunt's house when I have an hour or so - sometimes after my kids are in bed. I can go there and tackle one small area. My goal there right now is just to get rid of stuff so that we can see what is there and somebody can walk around. She has two buildings that need to be tackled in the fall.

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Yesterday I got 90% of the kitchen done and all the foyer. I left some of my grandmas crystal that needs to come to my house, the silverware, plates, and glasses cause I'm not sure what to do with those. Oh, and the refrigerator magnets are left. I was going to go there today but I just couldn't do it. Tuesday will be hard cause it's my old room and most of the sentimental stuff is in there.

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Big hugs to you!! This brings me right back to where I was just over a year ago. My Mom is still alive so when we were cleaning out her house, the progress went real slow at times because she wanted to go through everything. We had to keep reminding her she was downsizing and could not take it all with her.


You seem to be making remarkable progress, good idea on treating yourself when this huge job is done. It is both physically and emotionally exhausting at times.

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Today I got thru with the bedroom upstairs. It took a while because I tried to separate stuff out between my brother and me. He's twelve years older than me so some of the stuff was clearly his or clearly mine. My mom kept every single wedding invitation, funeral program, and graduation announcement. This was in addition to the newspapers that my dad kept. I know there was a significant article in each one he kept but most of them I could not tell what was important. If it didn't pertain to me I put it in my brothers stack. Given his marriage situation anything I want to preserve I am taking home with me.


I'm also proud to say I got the living room mostly done too!

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You are making great progress! Will there need to be any repairs or painting that will need to be done as well, once the house is cleared put?

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Yesterday was not a good day.  I just did not feel like tackling anything so I got everything out of the room under the steps, which included a box of sports programs dating back to the 1960's.  There's 6 large totes of beanie babies, including all the receipts.  I'm pretty sure that 95% of them are worth nothing.  My mother bought them for my kids - she died in 2004 and my son was born in 2007.  At first she only bought one of each and then my DH asked what if we had two.  So she started buying two (or more) of each.  I don't want to bring them all home - there's HUNDREDS of them!!!.  But unlike my aunt in the nursing home who has just as many, my mom could afford them. 


Anywho, my parents kept all their tax returns and supporting records forever.  My brother wants them so I boxed them up.  They were in the basement so 7 of 8 filing cabinet drawers are cleaned out. 


The appraiser is coming on Monday afternoon.  I'm going to try to sell the house myself since there have been so many people ask about it.  If it's not sold by January I'll turn it over to a realtor.


Coingirl - the decor of the house is mid 90's.  I am not going to paint or do any updates but I will take that into consideration with the price.  There is an issue with the septic system that we will probably have to fix and I'm afraid it will be expensive. 


At this point, I am ready to be done.  My brother is not interested at all in helping me.  I will probably have to take his stuff to him if I want it gone.   

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