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I'm going to see a dr.




That's it - I've broken down - I have an appointment with a psychiatrist today at 3:30.


Of course this psychiatrist is NOT part of my health insurance plan. I called, and looked and searched for someone in my plan. There were a couple - but they are for children only.


I will state this once and now - we need to make mental health care as readily available and affordable as physical health care. I've never looked for mental health care before- and it's ridiculous that it is SO EXPENSIVE and so difficult to find. I can't help but think that a lot of tragedies in this country could be avoided if only it were easier to get mental help.


I have to pay this out of pocket. I debated not going - but damn it - I need this. I can't continue to go one the emotional rollercoaster of my life especially as the court dates are getting so close. My anxiety is keeping me from sleeping. I need help to get through this. I could go to my GP - but I think that seeing an actual shrink - a specialist in emotional problems will not only provide me the most effective treatment- but it may also be the most efficient thing to get me feeling better. This doctor visit will cost me.... 325.00. YES - like I said - I debated not going - but thinking about driving my car off the road - feeling like my life is pointless and that I'm a reproductive cul de sac - sucks. I need out of this slump. I've been doing my level best for over a year - and now I need effective treatment to power through to the end.


Yes - it is 325.00 - Yes I will soon have lawyer fees coming out my rear end - but I NEED help. I need it. I've decided that I will pay for 200.00 of the fee from my HSA. (That's all I put in this year..) and the rest I will pay in cash. I need the help. It's very, very expensive- but I need it. I need it more than I need clothes - or dinner out - or getting my hair done - this has to be a priority for me now so I can get everything else in order.


I'm angry that it is so expensive - but I need it. If I can start to feel better - to see a light at the end of the tunnel - it will be worth it. And if not- then it's only money I suppose.

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I've seen a therapist twice--well worth the money. Recognizing that your problems are overwhelming and you need help with them is a sign of strength. I'm proud of you. {{hugs}}

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I am glad that you realize that you need the help - and that you're taking the steps that are needed to help you back to who you are.  Very glad for you.


Regarding your statement:  I will state this once and now - we need to make mental health care as readily available and affordable as physical health care. I've never looked for mental health care before- and it's ridiculous that it is SO EXPENSIVE and so difficult to find. I can't help but think that a lot of tragedies in this country could be avoided if only it were easier to get mental help.  I totally agree.  We, as a society, do not have the mental health care available or as accepted as we need.  



One thing that might be possible for treatment.....My mom has a psychiatrist that she sees every XX months, which is when she needs medication refills.  In between visits to the psychiatrist, she sees a therapist.  I don't know how long it took her to get into that routine, but it's easier for her to stomach the psychiatrist cost less frequently.  She sees the therapist biweekly or monthly.

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I would ask if they offer a cash discount.  I can't believe there's not a psychiatrist offered in your health plan.  My health insurance plan offers 1 (!) gynecologist but 10 psychiatrists.


$325 seems like a lot of money, but your mental health is worth more than that!!!

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I'm sorry that it isn't covered for you, but I'm glad you're going to get the care you need.


The US is moving toward more mental health coverage. Individual and small group health insurance plans are required to cover mental health services at parity with other medical services under Obamacare. Large employer plans have long had a federal law that if they covered mental health services it must be at parity with other medical services...but they weren't required to have mental health services so many people with large employer plans don't have coverage. (There are also some grandfathered or transitional plans out there that don't have mental health coverage.)  Of course some people's plans may have coverage but getting in to seeing a doctor might be a challenge for example appointment wait times or distance to travel. 

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For years I went to a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) for my psychotherapy (talk therapy) and went to the Psychiatrist just for medications.  The LCSW would keep the Psychiatrist up to date on how I was doing so the visit was short and sweet every few months.  The LCSW was on my speed dial even after we moved out of state because she helped through that transition too.  I can never ever say enough good things about her and how much she did for me.  I hope that you find the help that you need as well.  Good luck.

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I did similar to dtmmb, although the psychiatrist was for a pretty limited time - maybe 18 months?.  The LCSW was for much longer - I saw her early this year and need to make an appt for next month.

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I'm so glad you made an appointment. I hope it went well. Hugs~

PS--how is Levi doing? Give him a pat & hug from all of us!

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A family member sees a therapist and the therapist works with the GP to prescribe any meds.  Might be something to consider.

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What about calling your insurance company. Find out what type of options they offer someone who needs a specialist but there are none in network. They may pay a portion of out of network care. Certainly cannot hut to call and find out. 

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Hello! I'm glad you are seeing someone to help with these overwhelming feelings. Keep in mind you can contact United Way (211) and they can help you get resources for mental health. Also, there are free suicide prevention hotlines that you can call when feeling overwhelmed (I have!) too. You don't have to be suicidal to talk to them. 


Here is some information: 



As another poster mentioned, your insurance company should have options for you if there are no local providers in network. I have gotten permission to visit an out of network specialist when there were no local in network providers.  

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I forgot to mention that I also received therapy online through BetterHelp.com, which charges $40 per week if you do a week-by-week plan like I did. 

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It went really well - he gave me an anti-depressant and 30 days worth of anti-anxiety pills. But I am not to take them every day. I think I will save them for when we go to court.



He also gave me a list of therapists to call and make appointments with. I'm going to go through that list and make a call this afternoon.


Was it worth more than 300.00? Well ask me that in a couple of weeks when the medicine starts to take effect.

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Good - It took me a couple of tries to find the "right" therapist, but when I did, she was awesome!  Still took time, but I was moving in the right direction and now I'm doing so, so, so much better!

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Agree with Dorothy - it can take a few tries to find a good fit with a  therapist.  Don't get discouraged if the first one you talk to isn't the right person for you!  I would call a few and see who calls back, how you feel talking on the phone with them, and maybe do an in person "getting to know you" meeting.  

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I second what Dorothy said.  Don't feel bad if you don't hit it off with the first therapist.  You deserve to find a therapist you are comfortable talking to. 

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I second or third what the others said.  You need a therapist not a psychiatrist.  They will talk to you briefly, but I do not think you will get the interaction you are seeking with a psychiatrist unless you just want medication.  


I would suggest that you call your insurance company and have them provide you with participating alternatives in your area for therapy.  I have been seeing an LPC (Licensed Prof Counselor) for about a year and she has helped me greatly with many aspects of my life.  She cannot prescribe medication, but if I need it my regular doctor will work with her and prescribe what I need.  


Sending some pixie dust your way (throwback to my Disney days!!).  I have several close family members that suffer from depression and other mental illness and it is very hard to get good, affordable treatment.

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