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.......and we're off! Mortgage payoff month #1(August)



I work our budget with money earned from the previous month, I guess this would be "YNAB style". So on August 1st, I can essentially pay out all our bills, expenses and make any saving deposits. I was able to pay $1500 towards our mortgage payment, the current approx balance is $17863. and change. The day after I made our August payment we received our deposit back from the hall we rented for our DD's wedding and a rebate from our dogs meds. I had decided all these types of snowflakes would go directly to the mortgage as they are not figured into our normal budget. I'm holding both of these until Septembers payment.


August is sort of a test month to see how well we do with some of the budget areas I cut back on. We have a wedding but I don't think we are attending, it is out of town and we don't know the bridal couple all that well but are friends with the brides father and step mom. I already budgeted out the gift so no added expense there. We also have another event the same weekend. Other than those 2 things it's a pretty quite month..............that is of course if our first grand daughter doesn't make an early arrival. She is due Sept 5th! We aren't scheduled to go to visit until Sept 11th, our plane tickets are already purchased.


I'm hoping to start posting items for sale on a local FB sell page, there aren't any real big money grabbers. I'll post some of the wedding decor items, just looking for some of our money back, we have no use for most of these items any longer.


DH has 2 pair of Docker shorts in mint condition, one pair still has the tags on them. This happens to him a lot, he tries stuff on and while at the store is good with the fit/ look but then at some point after we are home and he wears in real life he decides he doesn't care for them. I guess in retrospect I should have returned the pair with the tags on them. My guess by the size they are a couple of years old by now, but still in style. No clue what is a reasonable price to ask for them, I would imagine a good 75% off original price??? Any insight on this?


There are other items but will see how these first few sell, before I post more.

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