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Random updates on our lives :-)




I have not heard anything from the realtors we contacted about the houses on jersey being available in September. Now that we have the rough dates it makes more sense to wait till October anyways. December makes the most sense but dh isn't going for that. I made a deal with myself not to look at housing listing till September 15th, no since tempting myself. There is a particular farmhouse available on several acres that looks amazing so I am trying to hold strong.


Dh is doing well. They have reached the point where they are beat down and depressed. Doesn't help that this is also the time when the care packages from home stop coming.. Making them feel even more alone.. the kids and I send him a care package each month with a goofy theme to make him smile. This month we did a "sorry we are so cheesy" theme. We covered the inside of the box with yellow paper lining and then did cutout cheese drawings, a mouse eating the cheese lining, and filled it with cheesy snacks.


The kids are doing well and on summer break. We are going to be beading out next week on a vacation wjth my parents and brother's family. The trip was planned a year ago before we knew about the deployment. Feels weird to go without dh. My parents are using their time share and we will be staying with them. We got free military tickets to some parks and will be eating in the timeshare a lot. Hoping to come in under budget so we can add more to the sinking funds.


Still no word about the family farm here going up for sale. The granddaughter may keep it. If so that will make me happy. Back in the day my great grandparents and great great grandparents owned quite a bit of land. That land has been sold here and there bringing the total down to 200 acres. My brother bought a parcel that was originally my great grandparents orchard. My uncle just bought my great great grandparents farm (with the house still standing) from someone else. Slowly but surly the land is coming back into the family. I am sure when it is time a parcel will open up for us.


That is about it from our family for now. The kids are about to wake up from their naps so I am sitting in the porch enjoying the quiet and an amazing breeze :-)

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Nope. I am not going to pursue it. We will not go under without the money but the stress of fighting with him might push me under emotionally. I have enough on my plate at the moment.

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You should have seen them last night playing stickball with a tobacco stick and an onion. When the onion exploded they decided to use a turnip. They were all playing together and giggling like fools ;):)

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