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The starting gate is in view, for POM(pay off mortgage) challenge.



As we near the end of July I have a good idea of what our August payment will look like. How much extra we could pay was greatly relying on the final costs from the wedding. I'm also working with, as per usual, a spouse that tends to just be along for the ride without really any input or enthusiasm towards budgeting. I can't cut to drastically into our lifestyle and still have him even semi onboard.


I didn't have grand expectations for this first payment, there are a lot of areas I just don't know how far we can cut back. I cut 25% off our grocery budget for August, it's seems doable with close watch on meals and sales. That and we should finally be getting veggies from our garden.


I also trimmed from my monthly blow money, in all honesty I don't spend close to what I receive. I take equal to what my DH gets which is nonnegotiable on his part, he feels it is still not enough so that's a compromise I made. I stash and save my excess funds away for extra flights for me to see our DD in Colorado!! I think between that and gift cash I have about $700+ saved!!


Another area that got hacked was our combined "entertainment/ dine out fund". I took 25% off that too. Like I said it's all a matter of time to see if these stragedies work or not. It's interesting to me, that my DH is willing to pitched in from his blow money for drinks or dinner out, but won't pitch in for paying off the mortgage, it doesn't even occur to him.


Oh well, he is really truly a good, hard working guy so that is why I compromise(give in) as much as I do!! Plus I tend to be somewhat extreme about these matters and he keeps us balanced. We still have another weeks paycheck in July, all our expenses are paid, all payments have cleared with the exception of one check sent as a graduation gift, back in early June!! What is up with that? This is one reason I hate to send out checks as gifts, maybe I'll do gift cards from now on.


Should I keep making new blog entries or just add to this one as I move forward? I'm not sure which way works best?


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I have found that when you reply to a blog post, it doesn't move it up to the top.  Many of us (I suspect) just check the few top blog posts for any updates.  Because of that, I would start a new blog post each time you have updates that you want to be sure others see.


Any guess of pay-off date? 

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Hi Coingirl, I am new here. I think we are married to the same man, haha, my dh sounds identical to yours! I was trying to talk to him about paying off our one debt the other day, and he said, "Just make it go away, I don't want to hear/see/talk about it anymore". We owe on a foreclosed property so it's no fun to make payments on something we'll never use or see again. So, I am just holding myself to a budget and doing what I can with what we have. 

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Re blog posts, I just scroll down and look for the black dot that tells me there's something new to read.  But however you want to do it will be fine with the rest of us.  Good luck.

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