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Had a good weekend!




So, I got a bunch of stuff done this weekend - but I might have paid some stupid tax.


I had a storage unit that I opened in December when I moved my stuff out of the house. I've been working on cleaning it out. I FINALLY did that yesterday!


I rented a small truck from U-Haul - the stupid tax part is that I paid the 14.00 for the "insurance" without thinking that my car insurance would probably have covered it. I didn't think about that at all until I told my friends who had come to help me, and they mentioned that my car insurance would probably have covered it if something happened.


It took us less than 1.5 hours - we picked up my couch, a desk, and my treadmill. The storage unit is now completely empty and I closed it - so that saves me 70.00 a month! Super extra bonus - my payment for a new month would have been due today so I had perfect timing!


The garage is filled with my couch, the desk (which I'm going to sell) and my treadmill. Somehow I have to recruit some friends to help me get the couch into the basement. I didn't want to push it on Saturday by asking them to do that. It was really hot and I was just happy to have the storage unit closed out.


I took Levi to his first puppy class on Saturday morning. That went really well. I think I'm going to learn a lot. (Hopefully he'll learn even more than I do!) It's 120.00 for six weeks.


Also - I took him to the vet again - round three out of 4 for shots. It was 130.00. A cool thing I learned though is that through the vet - I get 10 free doggy day care days. I can't take him there for another week though - yesterday he got some sort of "nasal" spray shot and the vet said that I have to wait one week before he can be in the day care. But it's free so on days where I have long meetings I can drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the evening.


I sold a small fridge for 50.00 - the couple came and picked it up yesterday. It was a fridge that I bought for Tom for his birthday years ago so he could keep beer in the basement. I distinctly remember picking it out and how excited I was - I even had a co-worker come to me and help me take it home carry it downstairs and fill it with beer.


How do you forget your old life?

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Hi Freedom.

You don't forget your old life. You just move forward.

Sounds like that was a nice thing you did for his birthday. That's ok to remember.

But today, it's just an old fridge you don't need anymore. Selling it was good. I bet the buyer was happy to get it and I bet you're happy with the cash.

That's where you are today. Sometimes when things are in upheaval, we try to attach grand importance to everything. But, it's just a fridge.

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Grief is weird like that. It's normal to reflect on things. What a kind thing you did by filling it up with beer. You are so thoughtful! I hope you realize this.


Good job on ditching thag storage unit!

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Nice job on saving $70 a month in fees! And the bonus is you don't have to think about the storage shed anymore.

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It sounds like a very good and profitable weekend! Are you selling these items on Craig's list or somewhere else? I have items to sell and don't want to have a garage sale, I've never tried these new techie ways of selling, I need to get with the times!!!


Glad your taking some training classes with Levi, I did that with ours but she was older and already had bad habits.


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I sold the fridge through a local buy and sell group on facebook. I think it's a lot "safer" than Craig's list as you can actually check out potential buyers, and because it's limited to a local area it's really efficient.


My roommate is being really nice to me letting me keep my couch. I'd like to keep the desk, but there is simply no space. My treadmill folds up so I can keep it in a corner in the garage, but I need to sell the desk and move the couch this week. Eventually, I'd like to buy a small house - I'm thinking that will be my next move. I wish I could keep the desk, for my next place, but it's not worth paying for storing, and I can't fill my girlfriend's house up. So it must go. I'll probably list it today. It'll be better anyway - I can buy new stuff when I get my new house!


Still no moving forward on the doctor front. I need to make more calls. I think I'll just call my doctor's office and ask reception for a reference. I'm feeling better though. The weather is beautiful and sunny today and that always helps!

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Freedom, do you have any other friends who might be able to use the desk for a couple of years until you want it back?  I have a friend who kept a piano for many years and I am currently keeping (and using) a dining set and a bedroom set that belong to my friends who are in Panama.  It could be a blessing to someone else now and then you can have it back when you need it.  Just be sure it is spelled out in e-mail or however that you are loaning this until you need it back and they need to tell you if they can't house it any longer.

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