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Difficult to find a doctor




This is amazing. I'm trying to setup an appointment with a psychiatrist. I have gone to my insurance website and looked up approved doctors on my plan.


I have called THREE - (3) people and left messages - I have heard back from no one. I'm wondering if I should call my GP and get a reference or something. I had no idea this would be so difficult.


In other news. I broke down and took advantage of Amazon Prime - I bought a 7" Fire HD. I'm really excited about it. It'll be great to use to watch Netflix on and I can take advantage of the free monthly book that my prime membership provides. I read a LOT. I mean a LOT so I think it will be fun.


I also got a book about dog training. But that's it - No more unnecessary expenses for a month. I mean it.


I have not heard anything back from my lawyer. I have no idea what happens next. She said he was served so I'm guessing that means he got the paperwork. I'm doing my very best to not think about it. It's very hard. But I am going to get through this eventually. It would be nice to be able to find a DOCTOR. But I digress....


Levi is doing really well and I'm so glad that I have him. Here's a picture of him at the vet's office.



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I'm sorry it's so difficult!  I had the same problem with other doctors.  I think it's odd that it's so hard to get a doctor or a contractor to call you back when you WANT to give them your business!  *laugh*


I hope everything goes well with him being served.  I was a nervous wreck last year when I went though that same thing.  But, it was a relief at the same time.  I hope everything settles down for you.

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I have a Kindle Fire and LOVE it. Don't forget about Amazon Prime video...that's free too and you can watch things on there. I also have the Swagbucks apps loaded and run those videos when I'm not using the Kindle for other things. I've earned enough money on Swagbucks using the kindle to PAY for the kindle! I have my Google calendar linked. And don't get sucked into buying books...check out your local library website and get the Overdrive app - you can check out digital books for free to your hearts content...2-3weeks and they just disappear at the end of the lending period (you can return them sooner too), so no late fees! And of course, internet browser ACCES anywhere you have wireless access. Hee hee I have the IHeartRadio app and listen to Dave's show on it while outside gardening too!

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I hope you're able to get into a psychiatrist - could your therapist refer you to one?


Regarding tithe papers being served - my best friend lives in MO - the first round of divorce paperwork gives the other person 30 days to respond (his ex responded on day 29). All other back and forths between the parties have 10 days to respond. Ask you lawyer what tHe response time frames are

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Levi looks like good therapy ;)


YES, get a reference. In the meantime ask your GP to write for a prescription (if he hasn't already done so) to help you through until after your first appt and can get the psych's assessment. Based on eating habits/sleeping habits/general anxiety your GP should be able to both write the script AND refer for either counselling (with a psychologist/therapist/counsellor) or psychiatrist (if you need meds/further assessment).


Hang in there.


Making new patient appointments suck. If you continue to have problems getting an appointment (after a referral) kindly call the GP's office, ask to talk to the nurse, explain how overwhelmed you feel and that you're nervous about waiting too long to be seen, and see if the nurses can call the office and leverage you into an earlier appointment. Sometimes when I would call on behalf a patient that needed to be seen urgently (whether for derm, ortho, etc) they were able to pull up an earlier appt or at least put the patient on a waitlist to be seen in case of cancellation. If there's a particular weekday especially where you could be seen basically anytime that's good for them then they can call you last minute in case of a cancellation and you can be there in say, 30 minutes, that might be good for both of you.


Good luck.

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Levi is absolutely adorable!! Cute!! I'm so happy you have him :)


Enjoy your new kindle. Definitely borrow from the library, as well as look up for free books on-line (100 free books comes to mind immediately).


Hugs on everything else. Great advice from others so far.


Have a good weekend!

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Well I WAS seeing a therapist through the EAP (employee assistance program) through my work which provides for 5 free appointments in a calendar year- I used them all shortly before I had surgery in April. I really liked her, and I would not mind seeing her again - but I don't want to pay 100.00 or upwards to talk with her. So it's cheapness on my part.


At this point, I think I need medication, the therapist I was seeing is just a counselor and can't provide medication, so I'd like to see a psychiatrist, that will mean it will be covered via my insurance also. I hit my 700.00 deductible already so I don't think I'd even have to make the copayment at this point.

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Sometimes counselors and psychiatrists work in the same practice so one can provide meds to the other therapists' patients.  Our niece is a child psychiatrist and is in this kind of practice.

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