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Sick of the Rain!




Holy COW!!! I live in the Midwest and we've had nothing but rain for the past 6 weeks. I mean it - I've counted three nice days in the last month.


Luckily, there has been no major flooding in my area, but if it keeps up like this I imagine lots of basements will get flooded. The ground is saturated and there is nowhere for more water to go.


Having Levi in this is also interesting. Working from home I can usually get him out for a walk before it starts to pour. He'll also go outside for potty breaks, but if it's raining I have to go out with him, so I just get an umbrella and stand out in the yard waiting for him to get done.



It's already mid July - Now that I'm feeling pretty much back to normal it would be nice to have better weather to go out for walks or to the park. It was nice Saturday so I took Levi to a local park and we had a great time! People were out on boats, walkers and runners everywhere. I put a really long leash on him and we played in an open field. He loved it, I hope we get a break soon because it would be fun to do that again.


I also never got my storage unit cleaned out because it's been raining every day.. I have paid through the 23 of July - I need to get it cleaned out. There are only three items left. A couch, a desk, and a treadmill. I plan to rent a truck for 20.00 an hour and just bring everything over here. I can put the couch in the basement, I will sell the treadmill and possibly the desk as well but I would like to keep that if we can fit it in the basement. I need to hit up a couple of my friends for labor. I'll buy pizza and beer for all afterwards.


I've got two chicken breasts in my crockpot. I put a little water in and some rib rub on them. My plan is to cut them up and have them over salad. I have spring mix, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, black beans, frozen corn, cheddar cheese, parsley, onion and cucumber. I'll make a big chicken salad for tonight and have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. My grocery store had pork chops buy one package, get one free so I picked that up. I'll make one package tomorrow, I've already frozen the second.


Other goods news; I got a 233.00 check from my OBGYN's office the attached note said "overpayment". I've not cashed the check yet - I'm wondering if I should call the office and find out exactly what I overpaid and why. To my knowledge I still owe 1,400 for the surgery which I am making monthly payments on, but that is to the hospital. I need to see what I paid to her office. I don't know if my insurance company is covering a payment I made or not.


Tomorrow night I'm going out with a girlfriend. We are going to a concert together. I have no idea who the band is, but she had an extra ticket and I want to go out. She lives near me so after work I'm going to her place and we're having tacos for dinner, I've got an unopened package of soft tortillas so that will be my contribution. Then we're leaving from her place to go to the concert. It's an indoor concert. I'll have to look up the band and listen to them on youtube before tomorrow.


So all in all, things are going really well. I called a doctor I had found online- the number was disconnected so I'll look for someone else. I can probably find one through my insurance.

I do feel better than I have been feeling. I think that paying attention to what you do have, and how good things really are is very helpful.

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So glad you are feeling better.  I'm in NC and we have had oppressive heat.  Last week it hit 100 a couple days.  Would not be so bad if we did not have all of the humidity to go with it.  It would be nice if it rained, might cool it off a bit.  But then the humidity would come right back....ugh!

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Your rain is probably different from our rain. We get stormed on almost every day in the summer here, but it never lasts longer than 30-60 minutes or so. I call it the afternoon cooldown. Yesterday we got lucky and got our storm in the morning so it was cooler all day long! The day before was record heat.


Glad to hear you are feeling better! Enjoy your concert.

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I am sorry the weather is terrible where you are. We have had a great summer so far here in the northeast. 


I just wanted to say I am so happy for you. I feel I can hear your mood improved from your last post. 


I know we do not know each other but I was worried for you. I am glad things are on the upswing. Have fun at  the concert tomorrow night. 

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YAY for an upbeat post! I'm glad you are  having good days too!! You deserve it.

Enjoy being out tonight at the concert. I hope you have fun :)

Give that puppy a squeeze from us!!

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