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Chart Update and Biopsy on Monday




I haven't posted one of these charts for awhile. Last year, when I quit my job, we stopped paying extra to the student loan for the rest of the year, but we did manage to almost max out DH's 401-K.


This year we started paying down this final debt again, which reduced what we could put into the 401-K. You can also see a huge drop in February with the tax refund, which was made possible by the severance package I got when I left my job. They withheld 25 of that check, which we pretty much got back with our tax refund. It was like getting the severance pay in 2 chunks.


The great news came in April, when DH got a new job with a nice pay hike and benefits! Now, not only do we have company subsidized medical coverage, but we are continuing to pay down the loan AND maxing out his 401-K this year!


**See comments for chart



Next, on Monday I'm having a biopsy done. Please think good thoughts that the doctor is able to figure out an answer for what is wrong with me. That's what I need right now, an answer so that whatever the problem is can be fixed.

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Surgery went well.  I DO have endometriosis, which will now need to be removed.  Unless it was during the surgery, I just don't know.  The nurse read the surgery notes to me and they didn't say for sure one way or the other.


I will have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to find out what we do next.


This is so wonderful!  Chronic pain, even if it's only 1.5 days a month, is just horrible!

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Day 1 post surgery now.  Still a bit sore but my incisions are starting to itch already, a good sign I think.


My throat is the worst actually.  I looked and the back of my throat is covered with bruises from being tubed.  I sound a bit froggy.


Still feeling okay though.  I have work on Thursday and Friday, I think I'll be fine to do that.  I'll just have to stop the tylenol with codeine and switch to aspirin or plain tylenol so I can drive to work.  I don't fancy walking the whole 2 miles just yet LOL!

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Ice cream and popsicles! Help for soothing that poor bruised throat. Glad you are feeling good and have some answers, t.hat is such an important thing

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Ooo, didn't think of popsicles!  I have some in the basement freezer!


I did manage to eat a small burrito for lunch.  In one day my stomach must have shrunk or maybe it's the meds, but I'm still completely stuffed from that one small burrito!  It had chicken, red peppers, zucchini, and refried beans, all with my homemade mexican spice blend.

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We will see Coingirl.  My follow up appointment is in 2 weeks, I'll find out at that time what was actually done other than poking holes in my tummy.


He did a great job at hiding the scars!  I don't even care if a scar is visible, I just don't see a few scars as unattractive.  One hole was in through my belly button, and the other down below where my underwear (or bikini) cover up.  So, though I don't care one way or another, he still took the bother to hide them, which is nice.

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The doctor gave me tylenol with codeine, which I stopped taking last night at supper.  Feeling fine today, I thing the codeine was making my brain fuzzy so I'm glad to not need it any longer.


I'm feeling up to go to work, which is good since I'm scheduled tomorrow!

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I've been shaky all day, most likely from stopping the tylenol with codeine.  I'm so very glad that it's not too bad and I don't tend to get addicted to things easily.  A small bout of the shakes I can deal with.

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My throat is feeling better, and my breathing seems to be easing up some as well.  I googled anesthesia reactions and found some breathing exercises to do and they seem to be helping.  I think the anesthetic affected my breathing more than I had realized at first!


Work went okay yesterday, and I have work again today, just 4 hours.  Then finish cleaning up the house for a party we're having tonight.  I hope I can fit a nap in there, cause I'm not 100% yet!

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It's one week after the surgery today, and my lungs are finally getting close to normal again!  I'm still coughing a bit but it's not hurting so much.


As for my abdomen, it's feeling fine.  The glue all came off and the incisions are holding together and look great.  My follow up appointment is on the 30th; I'm looking forward to talking to the doctor about what he did while he was looking around in there.

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Glad one week later you are doing better! It sounds like your reaction the anesthesia was harder on you than the procedure. Let us know what the Doc has to say, praying for all good news!!

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