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Prayer Chain Request.




I posted a bit ago outlining how our life as homeless squatters was going (really well!) and how the Lord was working in our lives. We have been so touched by the Lord that his fingerprints are clearly visible in the entire situation. We are current living in my great grandparent's farm house on the family farm trusting that the Lord will provide the house we are meant to be in when we are meant to be there. The kids and I will need to move back to Jersey beginning of September which means a house will HAVE to be found some time between now and the end of August. I have been praying and reminding myself that it is arrogant to worry, God has this.


Last night before going to bed I again prayed for the Lord to show me what He wanted me to do about our housing situation. This morning when I woke up I sat down to breakfast and my mother mentioned that my Great Aunt's farm will probably be going up for sale. She passed away a few days ago after being cared for by Hospice for quite a while. The farm is in a great location, surrounded by a very productive family farm that belongs to a relative of my aunt's husband (not my great aunt, another aunt icon_smile.gif ). A 5min drive from the family farm, my brother, and aunt's farm. Basically family in every direction.


Our dream has always been to have a small farm when dh retires from the Air Force (9 yrs from now). With my husband's current deployment schedule he is home 6 mths then gone 6 mths. Having a home base here in KY where the kids and I could spend our springs/summers while he is gone would be amazing. Our own home, not the family home on the family farm.


I know it is not working the steps in order.........I also know there is a higher power than DR and his steps. I am trying to do what is right on a variety of levels. I have a max price in mind that I refuse to go over which would still leave us a nice sized rent payment in NJ and a nice sized snowball. If this is the right option then my number will match with the asking price, if they do list it.


I am obviously still praying that the Lord shows me the way. I don't know if this is IT and definitely what He wants for us. Or if this is just a "kick in the pants" to get us thinking in a new direction. Or if this will some how start the ball rolling to something down the road that would be a massive blessing.


I do however feel like something is seriously happening and the ball that I have been praying for Him to start rolling has suddenly leaped into action. We obviously still have to figure out the housing situation in Jersey as well.


I could use a prayer chain. If anyone would be willing to add their prayers to mine for the next 6 weeks I would greatly appreciate it. Specifically that the Lord's will for our family be known.

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I wouldn't totally discount base housing, if you're allowed to live there for six months at a time. (Do they do that?) Hoping it all becomes clear to you soon and that you have perfect peace.

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I hadn't thought of that, I will add that to my prayer list. Thank you all :-) yes as long as he has orders to deploy we can go in and out of base housing as needed.

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