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Sleep away camp




Naomi leaves tomorrow for a one week sleep away camp! I can't believe we are actually doing this, she wanted it so badly we paid for it out of her savings. It is a Girl Scout camp and it is just 45 minutes from home.


She also appeared to have had a growth spurt, her shorts are too small! I ran over to Goodwill and get her some to bring, her size range was half off today and her cousin and her are in the same size now so no hand me downs. The other cousin was going through a dress phase at this age, she can't go for 6 nights with 2 pairs of shorts. :)


So, my big girl will be gone from tomorrow until Friday. It's crazy...

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It is one of those bittersweet moments. Excitement for your child to have this experience and sad, scared, nervous, etc that they will be away from you and also that next step towards independence. Hang in there Mom! My kids always LOVED sleep away camp!!!

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I agree with coingirl!  Bittersweet is right.  My kids didn't spend the night at the grandparents very many times so the sleepaway camp was the first time they were away for any time at all.  Very different.   My hubby didn't like it at all!  Even when they were in high school!  LOL


Be prepared for a whole different dynamic at home!

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GLG, yes. I'm not kidding, we should plan a craft weekend, somewhere halfway in between us. I would go. Hands down!


My kids haven't really done a sleep away camp. The closest we've come is my oldest made it to state for his 7th grade science project so he got to go to a different city for 3 days and 2 nights. There wasn't an adult in every hotel room, they just had a roommate of the same age and the adults were in their own room...at age 12! I was nervous but he was totally fine and had a great time.


Now he's going to running camp this summer for a week, so that will be our first week long experience. The twins did boy scout camp this summer but it's only a day camp, not overnight.


Bittersweet is the right word! I was so proud when he made it to state, but putting him on that bus was hard!

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She was so excited and so nervous today. Once she met a couple of the girls and realized they were all the same age she was more excited than nervous. Sweet girl, she was so excited that she was given a top bunk, haha!


The twins were torn between wanting to stay and wanting Naomi to come home with us. The camp has horses, you see... I'm still shocked we actually just dropped our almost 7 year old off for a week away!

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I dropped two of mine at camp for the first time yesterday. My 6 & 8 year olds wanted to go too, I'm not ready for that yet.

My wife just pointed me to Facebook to see their smiling faces today.

Hang in there, we'll get through this together.


I was fine until the counselor told me "see you next week!"

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They say they miss her but it's been a busy week. Monday night there was a power outage at our house (according to my neighbor) and so we went out to dinner. Tuesday night we were invited out to dinner by my in laws to see my niece before she goes to camp. Tonight was quieter and they were looking for her.


I called to check on her. Took all day to get a response but the girl who called said she is having a blast. She said she loved the big slip and slide they had today but I checked all the photos and I don't think they got one of her sliding. Hard to tell on my phone though. I did see one of her sitting in the grass waiting for her turn with a smile on her face. At least it's almost Friday!!!

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