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I did it




I resigned today.


Are these feelings normal?


I feel guilty, because they gave me this job when I was desperate for a job and a single mother. Somehow I feel like I'm being ungrateful by quitting. I am the 5th math teacher to quit this year. They are going to be scrambling. It's hard finding ONE good math teacher, let alone 5.


I also feel guilty because not everyone can do this. Lots of people deserve it more than I do. Things will be tight don't get me wrong, but the fact that I even have this option is kind of mind boggling to me. I don't want to take it for granted.


I've been having the BEST summer of my life just by having the weight of this job lifted off my shoulders, and I want to get back to that soon, but I have to get through these emotions first.


Other updates.


Our house sale is looking good still. The inspection was Thursday, and we never heard a word about it, so I'm assuming they didn't find anything that would make them back out. It's as as-is contract, which means we don't have to repair anything but also means they can back out for any reason for 15 days. We are on day 8. Fingers crossed. Nothing's ever final until closing.


We are buying another rental home right now as well. Everything is going great there too. It only needs paint and an electric meter. Apparently the previous owners were stealing electricity, they bypassed the meter. LOL. The electric company has been informed and they take care of that for us so they can actually get paid.


IF these two both close, then we are only one house away from replacing my take home pay with rental income. (well, minus Roths and also considering lower taxes and tithe to account for lower income). We will work toward getting Roths back in the future. One step at a time.


I can't WAIT to set up college funds with the sale proceeds of my old house. That will feel awesome.

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I'm sure such mixed feelings are very normal in a situation like this, feeling a sense of loyalty to your school administration that gave you an opportunity when you needed it, but realizing that you have made a choice that works best for you and your family.  And, although there is indeed a shortage of math teachers, there's probably someone out there whose life will change for the better because there is a teaching position open.  (My DD is a middle-school math teacher who is choosing to be a SAHM while her three are small--she will one day be hoping to find just the kind of position you are vacating--when her time is right.)  It's great that you are able to replace your income with the rental income.  You haven't gone into this new season of your life without careful planning and strategies.  Enjoy it!

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The feelings you are having are not only normal, they are a sign of the caring person you are.

Good luck on your sale and your new buy.

Utility liens like that are a great reminder to always buy title insurance. I'm sure the power company wants to collect against someone, just make sure that someone is not you.


A bit of tinfoil hat paranoia: do you think this was a marajuan grow house? DEA are known to use power records to search for these, it might not be the bill they were running from. If so, there are other major issues to be wary of, high moisture environments breed mold. Overloaded circuits can cause hidden wiring danger.

Again. It's a bit paranoid, but the cost for either of these could leave your investment in the red for years. My job is to identify risks. You've got a correlation. Two hours of friendly chat with the neighbors to gently probe will be a win-win. You'll either have a friend to keep an eye on your investment or you'll (if there are other correlations uncovered) drop your offer to worst case value and buy a property elsewhere.

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I honestly never considered a grow house, interesting theory. I'm pretty confident we don't have any mold, the house is in great shape. New roof, new floors, no holes in the drywall, no smell or anything else that would point to mold issues. We don't pay for inspections because my husband does a better job at it than anyone I've ever hired. However we did have a wind mitigation inspection for insurance purposes so we've seen the attic as well and all looks good there.


We take some risks that some people wouldn't be comfortable with I'm sure, but only ones we can handle. We could deal with mold, we had a bunch of it with our last purchase. A bad title though? Nope, not willing to fight anyone in court over whether or not cousin Sally has a claim to the house after her brother died. So we always get title insurance.

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Lol, you're making me sound like I'm at work. My job is to identify risks, yours is to choose the right mix of risks to take.sorry, I just use that phrase a lot.


But really, it's about ferreting out inconsistencies. Like why someone would dodge their electric bill while performing needed repairs on the roof and floors.

Just to return to that grow house analogy. Was the floor replaced due moisture warping?


I bought a vintage house where the owner used a basement industrial undecorated shower. Seriously, I've used this once in ten years. I did a significant amount of investigation into that during the inspection. I'm not beyond tearing out a bathroom. I just work to avoid unexpectedly needing to tear out a bathroom.

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You seem to have a strong sense of loyalty, so it would be your normal to feel guilty. First priority is your family. If I worked with you, I would be sorry you are leaving, but glad you are able to stay home-might even be a tad bit jealous!


Fingers crossed for your house sale!





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I'm with you on the guilt, and I totally understand it. I had two job offers a day apart last week. One offered a $2000 signing bonus. I applied for neither. Teaching in general is stressful, math teaching even more so. I put in 38 years and really am not interested in going back. I wished both callers well in their search but politely turned them down.


Good luck with your new venture. It sounds exciting.

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I will never know for sure who took out that meter and why, because no one is likely to admit to doing something illegal. However I have my opinions. This seller is an investor who has only had the house a few months. The ink was barely dry on the county docs when he put it up for sale. I think he is just flipping the house and fixed it up to flip it. I think the previous owner took out the meter. It is a concrete block house and less susceptible to mold than wood frame would be. Also we don't have basements in FL, so flooding is not an issue unless you have a roof leak or a plumbing leak (and the pipes don't freeze here either, so plumbing leaks are more rare). The roof is new, and the visible plumbing is fine. If you have a plumbing leak underground or behind a wall that was bad enough to damage the flooring, the drywall would be visibly damaged and moldy. The drywall is in great shape, and we can tell it hasn't been replaced because it still has old wallpaper border on it.


The 4 point inspection done for the insurance company inspected the wiring and it is all fine. He of course saw the missing meter, but trusts we are getting that fixed! The missing meter was disclosed to us by the seller and we confirmed that the electric company had already been informed and a work order created to replace it. You know how slow those things can be. No one is living there, so they feel no rush. We will lean on them if needed.


Rental properties generally have some issues. The perfect houses aren't in the right price range to work as a rental. At least, this has been our experience in our market. We run an ROI and cash flow analysis on every potential house (and there have been hundreds that we cross off without ever seeing). That's the reason we are selling a house, it was my former home and while we did make some money renting it, it has the lowest cash flow of all our properties while also being the most expensive and nicest home.


I've dealt with termites, mold, leaky roofs, pipes leaking underground that required digging up concrete to fix, countless drywall repairs from holes in the wall, stolen appliances between contract and closing, you name it. We are prepared to deal with whatever we find, but at this point I don't think there is enough evidence of mold to tear up floors or bathrooms.


But, that's just me and my risk tolerance.

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Annie, you hit the nail on the head, I am extremely loyal, almost stupidly so sometimes. It takes me longer than most people to get rid of a bad thing. Not that the job was all bad the entire 6 years, but there was a lot of bad.


I emailed three people who need to know, and haven't gotten a single word back from anyone. I'm probably going to have to call to follow up if I don't hear anything in a few days, but for documentation reasons I wanted it to be an actual letter sent over email that I could prove was sent and what it said. The fact that I even had to think about that means I'm doing the right thing here. It was crucial that the letter had the right wording so I wouldn't be stiffed my remaining pay, and that I had proof of that. They do some shady things sometimes.

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I think your feelings are totally normal. I have been a contract bookkeeper for years with many clients and have been saying goodbye to most of them for the past few weeks as I was given an amazing job offer for September 1st - 3 days per week, hours kids are in school (so I can drop off and pick up) and double the money I'm making now. It's for a current client who courted me pretty hard the last few months. I'm going in today to give my one month notice to my largest bookkeeping client. I'm dreading it and I feel so guilty as this is their busiest season of the year, but I need to do what's right for my family. Doesn't make it easier to do though.

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I am so happy and understand your conflicted feelings.  I had them after leaving the same boss I'd had for more than 25 years.  It kind of felt like getting a divorce.  However, my last day was one of the happiest of my life.  Most of us have seen that over the last few decades, the loyalty with an employer only goes one way.  You must always do what is right for you, whatever that looks like.  Yay for starting the next chapter of your life.  Enjoy it to the max.

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They cut my benefits the day after I quit. I was expecting this, but I still think it was a low blow. That is not the way teaching contracts generally work, but they are taking advantage since they don't do signed contracts. Whatever. I gave notice which is best for them and the students, I could have quit August 16th and left them scrambling and kept my insurance for 2 more months.


But I can sleep at night with my choices.

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That shows your honorable character-not leaving them or the kids in the lurch. Yes, you are staying true to yourself by considering what is best for all involved.


Hope the feelings of guilt dissipate soon. I get why you have them though, I really do.



You gave them plenty of notice.:)


Enjoy your crazy busy summer!

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I have no idea what's going on with my benefits. My HR person said "it will either be 6/30 or 7/15 that your benefits will terminate and we will pay out the rest of your pay in one check". That's all I got from her. I had received a normal paycheck on 6/30, obviously haven't seen what 7/15's check will look like yet. If she is correct it should be 3 paychecks worth, because that is what I'm owed. Since they cut my benefits, I'm not sure if 401k will be taken out or not. I took the kids to the dentist 7/9. I had a prescription filled 7/8 which was covered. But Paychex told me yesterday that my benefits "will be" terminated as of 6/30. Either they have a time machine or they have a problem with verb tenses. I have no idea who is right. I have no paperwork.


Our plan was to switch my medical to Dh's and keep my and the kids dental through COBRA. My husband's company will not cover me unless I have no other coverage available. I can't elect COBRA for dental until I get paperwork. I know COBRA can be retroactive but until I have a real termination date I can't get anywhere. I'm being told two different things and have no idea which is correct.


Can they retroactively cut my benefits? I mean 6/30 is obviously in the past, and what are they going to do? Tell the pharmacy that they want their money back for the meds that they already paid for?


I haven't received a call from the dentist saying the claim didn't go through, but then again it's only been one business day since that appointment.


All of this is interesting since I didn't put 6/29 as an effective date of my resignation. I only said I wouldn't be returning for the 15/16 school year. So how they can terminate benefits in June when I basically said it was effective in August I have no idea. I mean obviously they can fire me in June, but then I'd be eligible for unemployment which they would surely fight by saying that I quit and wasn't let go. I don't understand why they are allowed to play this from both sides. I'm not going to sue them for two months of benefits, it's not worth it. But I just hate the way they play everything to their advantage, when all it does is make sure no one gives notice. I happen to know of other people who are quitting, after watching what I am going through they will not quit until after August 1st.

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Im not sure it's worth it to pay an attorney $200 an hour to get two months worth of insurance coverage, especially since my medical will only cost us an extra $100 a month to add me and my ex pays the kids medical and dental. I just want to get my alternate coverage lined up which is hard to do when I can't get a straight answer out of anyone.

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It probably has so,etching to do with how they are paying your benefits - while it's deducted from each of your pay checks, that is generally NOT how your employer pays to the administrator. Additionally, it might have something to do with (not knowing if your school did this) some persons being paid over 12 months and some being paid over just the school year.


I think it's crappy that they can't tell you what's going on. My employer waits forever to send COBRA paperwork - about at the last day they are supposed to send it. But, they can't send it until benefits terminate - amd then they have XX days to do so.


I hope you get thru this holding/waiting period without too much stress....

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In today's update, I got my COBRA paperwork in the mail. My benefits terminate 7/31, which is neither of the dates I was given earlier. LOL.


Next problem: my children have the wrong last name on the paperwork. Back to the phone....

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I could not make this up if I tried. In the 5 minutes since I typed that, they have now sent new paperwork with the last names corrected but the benefits terminated as of 6/30/15. I still don't know what will happen with the prescription that was already covered on 7/8 but I don't care at this point. At least all interaction with them is over.

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