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Coming into the final weeks before our DD's wedding.....



Not to wish our DD's special day away, but I am looking forward to no longer being in the planning, prepping and paying stage that this big day requires. I think we have done a pretty good job keeping expenses down, this is mainly due to keeping the guest list small.


We finalized the menu with the caterer and due to our choices our per plate amount was lowered by about $1.50 a plate.


We have made some adjustments to some of the flower choices to bring costs down there.


We are having a bar at the reception, the hall we rented allows us to bring in our own beverages to serve. We are going with very minimal amounts of liquor choices and then just beer and wine. The liquor was purchased at a discount with rebates. Our local grocery store, where we are good friends with the manager, had a pop deal for 68c a 2 liter, it was limit 5 but he let us purchase what we needed. So we saved a good amount on that, he will also take back what we don't use.


We are having the ceremony at DH's brother's beautiful yard/ garden at his home, so no need for additional decorating. We also made all the decorations for the reception and will do the decorating ourselves the day before the wedding.


I'm trying hard not to sweat the small details, we have the main things covered; the bride and groom, family and friends, food and beverage and music for dancing!! It will be a grand day!!!


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Yes, they have a large covered pergola and we can put up a large tent for guests. If it is storming we can move the ceremony to the reception hall.

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How exciting. Weddings in the family are always stressful for everyone involved.


The day before the wedding take a couple of moments of quiet with just your DD. Make some tea and relax with each other. She will need you more after getting married then before. Tell her in person how much you love her, etc....Those moments are more special than the flowers and food.


I will be praying for a blessed marriage.

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Index, thanks for the reminder. DH is going to talk to the manager of the hall, they have a bar on site, but allow us to set up our own bar. We are both remembering that we may have added something onto our home owners policy for when our other DD got married and we had a similar set up.


I'll get back to you on this!

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Double check that you have access to the reception site the day before.  We've had occasions where we rented the hall for Saturday and someone else on Friday so we had to decorate the day OF the event.  Thankfully neither of the weddings!  But for showers and other types of parties.

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We have the hall for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But thanks for the tip!


We have had a few cost savings as we are making final payments on some of the services. I already mentioned the caterer cutting their cost per plate, we were reviewing the DJ's invoice, there was a business card attached to it that had the rate per hours needed, but it was $50 less than we were charged. DH brought both into them and they took $50 off our bill!


We are picking up the cake ourselves and saving the $60 delivery charge. The bakery is literally 2 blocks from the reception hall. We have a small 3 tier cake and a sheet cake so it isn't anything elaborate we need to worry about.


Things are all coming together! Getting excited!

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