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And not a moment too soon! This has been a roller coaster of a week, and I've got a ton of stuff to do this weekend that I'm looking forward to.


1) I'm borrowing a pickup truck on Sunday and I'm cleaning out my storage unit. The payment is due Monday if I want to rent for another month and I can't see the point in giving them another 80.00.


The only things that are left are a large leather couch - (which I have been given permission to put in the basement game room) a desk and a working treadmill.


Next weekend our neighborhood is having a garage sale - there I will attempt to sell the desk and the treadmill. (There is another treadmill downstairs that I can use.) I'm also going to put a dorm size fridge on the market block as well.


2) I have another box of books that I plan to take to Half Price.


3) Tomorrow morning early (8:00) Levi and I are going to the local farmer's market on the town square. He's been very good at walks around our neighborhood, and I think if we go very early, it won't be as busy or overwhelming for him. The plan is to tire him out so we can come home and he can relax in his cage for a few hours.


4)About 11 tomorrow I am meeting a friend who is going to buy a car. I'm driving her there to get it. We'll probably have lunch. And I'll probably get very jealous - but I am also really and truly happy for her.


I've already started laundry and yesterday I cleaned my bathroom.


I hope it will be productive.

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That sounds like an awesome weekend. Productive and fun.

Personally, I have to disagree with you about the car. While I like a new car, it's the "car buying process" like your friend is going through that is for the dogs. That in itself is enough to keep me driving my old reliable.

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Nice you were able to clear out the storage unit and add $80 back into your budget. Hopefully your items sell and you will add even more.


Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. Good idea socializing your puppy, wish we would have done that more with our sassy pooch.

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