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Changed classes quicker than expected!




So, I posted about possibly changing classes in the fall. I did end up talking to my director and assistant director and got the position teaching the 4 year old class in the fall. Well, exactly 4 days later the current 4's teacher put in her two weeks notice! So, instead of staying in the infant class until after our big STARS assessment I was moved immediately over to the 4 year old room. I'm working off of my own lesson plan, they were happy with what I put on it and she said my lesson plan for next week is good as well. I'm reading a 440 page book with all the grading explanations for our assessment and taking notes. And I'm totally panicking about being picked to be observed!


I am giving the kids a week to get used to the idea of me being their teacher. Then I need to start a serious cleanliness training class. The book states about 6 times that if a sink is used to both wash hands for eating and after toileting that they need to turn the water off with their paper towel. I think it might take a full 3 weeks to get them used to this! Ugh, this is going to be a challenge. All of the other stuff I'm fine with. It's a noisy class so if I'm picked I have to find a way to get their attention (that actually works) other than simply speaking louder than them. I have no idea how Michelle tried to discipline them but this particular group is a bit out of control. Sigh... I have 12 on roll but one is leaving in 2 weeks to spend the summer with his grandparents and then go to a new school with his big sister. Two kids will be out because they don't come on Tuesdays. It leaves me with 9 kids that day, can't be too hard, right? I've got the assistant director's daughter who is... well, sassy. Her mom says it too, she admits she has trouble with her. I've got another teacher's son who is most definitely going to be diagnosed with ADHD later on but at 4 years old we just work around it because he's still a little guy.


I can do this, right? The lesson plan, making sure the room is ready, interacting with the kids... I have no trouble with those things. Just getting them to always use soap, turn the water off with their paper towel and not do gross things like lick other friends (yup, happened yesterday) are going to be my challenges. Sigh, I've got to find some transition songs and FAST!!!



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They cam get how to turn off the water. Just lots of repetition and practice. The 15 I had all did it correctly but it did take effort to get there! You've got this

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I taught Pre-K4 and K. I had 30 kids at a time but it was only 6 hour days. . You will be fine. 


Depending on the group there are different strategies to teach them to to be quiet when you need their attention. I would flash lights that meant to stand still and be quiet and wait for announcement from me. 


If we were in circle time I would raise one arm and put one finger over lips and they were to follow suit until they were all doing it. 


I would also ring a bell. 

The key with  4 and 5 years old is repetition and catching them doing something good. They want to please you but they also want your attention. If they are not getting your attention they will do what it takes to get it. 


I always had a sticker system but I kept in folders privately. There are some kids who are just always good and some who are more difficult. Its no one else's business how many stickers one has. 


I would also with the more difficult ones try to give them jobs to help them learn responsibility. 


You will do a wonderful job - enjoy them and love them.

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Not sure if they are old enough to understand, but you might use food coloring on their hands to show germs after potty trip and how the food coloring gets on the handle when they turn the water on, then back on their hands when they turn it off.  (Try it first to see if it works :) )  I still remember when I was taught (as an adult, so no food coloring) this concept.


You can do this!!  :)

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How about the clapping thing? Also used to tell my 4s to catch a bubble any time they were waking or moving from stations.

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Kenna's teacher does a clap pattern and the kids have to repeat it back to her. Seems to work well when I am in there volunteering.

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I do the clap pattern and some follow it but not all. I think I will get jingle bells, it can break through the din easier than me having to shout. Had a few kids in a bad mood today who chose to be violent. I could cry, both attacked me as well and both are staff kids.

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Since they're staff kids, can you find time to sit down with the parent and discuss the behavior problem and things he/she can do at home to change it?

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What did you do when the child hit? At Head Start I couldn't have them do time outs per say but I would seperate the hitter from everyone with their head down on a table. We would dicuss as a group how we "use our words and do not hit". In September I had a lot of aggressive angry children this year.....crappy homelife, parents in prison, home violence.... so hitting was a big problem in the beginning.

The kids are going to push you and the limits until they realize you are going to follow through every time they misbehave. Do you talk about the classroom rules every day? I would do that part as your morning routine.

Classroom's of 4 year olds are loud but there are many kinds of loud. Learning, dicussing and playing loud any good teacher knows is Ok so don't worry when you are observed. I had my 3's trained to be quiet when the lights were turned off. I also had them put their heads down on the table "heads down, mouths closed" during some transition times. 

Try measured mom.com for any lesson plan ideas.

Enjoy your kids. 

My little ones last day was June 12 and I miss them so much.

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Clapping worked better today, they are getting the hang of it.


I'm not sure what to do about the staff kids. Both parents are completely aware of the issue. The assistant director thinks her daughter is just hungry so she gives her a snack and a piece of chocolate. I don't think she realizes the behavior continues after. Her daughter has totally learned a tantrum bring a visit from mom and a treat.


The boy likely has severe ADHD but he's so little to even think about medicating him. :( His big sister has it and is doing much better on medication. Sigh...

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