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A day in the life...



I did laundry all day yesterday, and it's a good thing I did! It was thunder storming on and off all day, which I wasn't too concerned about, but around 9 pm I noticed the thermostat glowing red. Furnace/AC was out. At least it wasn't a hot night.


Then around 9:30 pm I noticed a dripping sound in the basement while checking on the laundry. The chimney was dripping and there was a small puddle beside it. So I made a note to tell DH so we could get the chimney capped. No big deal, we've been meaning to do that anyways.


10 minutes later I went back downstairs, and half the basement was about an inch deep in water! Yikes! Investigated and found where the water got in (several places actually), made sure the dehumidifiers were running, etc.


DH got home to see and we looked around a bunch. Nothing damaged, what a relief! What luck that this happened when it did, because we have mostly finished tearing out the old basement, but haven't put very much of the new one in yet. Timing couldn't have been better. And we now know the places where water gets in, which we couldn't see before when the basement was intact.


Also luck, the new floor is stacked in the only part of the basement where the water isn't getting anywhere near!


This morning the heating and air guy came by, the lightening fried a small component which was under warranty. $102 for the service call, money well spent.


Finally, DH and I are so very thankful, on his way home last night he had to detour way out of his way because a house (yes an entire house) collapsed from all the rain we've had. Our little furnace and water problem could have been infinitely worse! We have an overfunded emergency fund and have for the past year, it's looking like it will be used to waterproof our basement on the uphill side of the house and do some gutter work. But we still have our house.




In health news, I have another test coming up on Monday the 22nd, then the biopsy surgery on July 13th. This will be the first time I've ever had surgery, but I will do anything needed so I no longer have to live with all this pain. The doctor doesn't think I have endometriosis, so hopefully these tests will reveal something that it fixable.


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I'm glad everything is fixable :) Great testament to having an emergency fund. Can't wait to get to that point. :)

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Zaga good luck with the tests and surgery. I a hope it brings you the answer to live pain free. 


What a blessing that the could have been disaster can be seen in a good way. 


It's so great the positive outlook you have taken. I need to be conscious to do that too. 

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What area do you live in?   That is a LOT of rain!


I hope your surgery is easy and the cause of your pain is easily fixed.

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We live in Western PA.  This sort of rainfall happens maybe every 3-5 years, so the fact that it happened just at the right time for us to see where the water was getting into the basement actually is a huge blessing!


For the past 5 years our basement had been completely dry.  We *thought* we had fixed the problem that was causing the infrequent flooding.


Now it's looking like we will be putting in a french drain around the uphill side of the foundation, plus fixing the gutter by the chimney and capping the chimney.  And I won't be sad at all to see the overgrown shrubs on that side of the house removed!

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We are getting the first of 3 quotes today.  This is a local company, and I do hope that their quote and plan are reasonable because I like to spend locally when possible.


As of right now we have $10,600 "extra" in the FFEF and $1,668 in the car savings fund.  Using both of those up completely would still leave us with a 3 month FFEF.

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Well the local company is a no-go.  They only do interior work, and what we need is exterior.  The guy was very helpful and knowledgeable though, and pointed out to me what the easiest, cheapest, and longest lasting option for our house would probably be.


Monday I go in for my next ultrasound, and DH is having a stress test.  At the same hospital, but like 8 hours apart.  Too bad they couldn't have been scheduled close together so we would only have to make 1 trip into town!

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The second company came by tonight, and we loved what they suggested we do, so without seeing the third company we signed with them.  We'll call and cancel the other appointment in the morning.


They are booked up for 3 months, but we are on a "flex" schedule which means that if something happens and there is a way to squeeze us in they will do so.


Now we just have to trim back the hedges and get things away from the wall in a few places.  This won't be too hard, if you guys recall we had a dumpster in a few months ago and cleared out much of the junk in the basement.  I'm especially glad now that we already have that done!

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