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Since my last blog I've worked about $600 worth at my contract position. So that has picked up, yay! (Still waiting on the check though.) The sewing student didn't work out, so boo. But that's ok. I've got a new thing that will make a tiny bit (very tiny bit), the hourly is good, but only happens 4x year, and is really kind of a favor.


We have so many big bills & things we have to spend on. We spent a lot on two weekend trips in May. Now we're doing it again this month. None of it is particularly fun travel, but necessary. Just paid a ton for half a cow. Ahhhh, but it'll be so good, and should last a year. We have some repair work to be done on the house, have no idea the cost, but hoping for less than $1k. Homeowners insurance is due this month. Car insurance due next month.


And on top of all this, I'd like to buy DH a fancy pants smoker/grill for father's day. We probably won't, but I want to. Our smoker just died, and the minimalist in me is trying to say "buy quality, one appliance to replace two." The cheap me says "so we don't smoke meat any more, deal with it."


I am doing much better getting out of the house, not feeling so isolated. One social event per week is all I need. Having the pool open, and going 4x per week is almost overload, but we're doing it. Haven't joined the children's museum yet, I think that might be baby girl's birthday gift in July. By then we'll need a good indoor spot to go during the miserable heat.

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We used to have a cheap smoker, then I found a Bradley one at a garage sale for my DH and we will never go back to the cheap one! Does such a better job and doesn't need to be babysat. You can set it and leave it. It's awesome! We smoke a lot of fish in particular as my DH loves to fish.

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I think I've talked ourselves into waiting for the next big sale for the grill/smoker we want. It was tempting to take advantage of the father's day deal, but we have so many big things this month and next. Maybe we'll be ready for the labor day sale.


I've got two more invoices out, but unfortunately won't get paid until July. Speaking of working for money, I should do some today. Baby's had fever all week and been so clingy that I've gotten little done. She seems happier today, so I should get busy! I'd love to have another $500 to bill for the second half of June.

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