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Isn't he? He has two modes - Tasmanian Devil and Off. I've been taking pictures like crazy, and all of my friends have been saying "Oh he's so laid back" because all of my pictures are of him crashed out. The reason for that is that's the only time he sits still long enough for me to GET a picture LOL!!...

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So so cute! But what puppy isn't really?! I'm happy for you, I plan on always having a dog in my life, they make me feel so needed and loved. I would foster them if my DH was on board with that sort of thing.

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Oh goodness, what a little cutie! That is a little ball of unconditional love right there. :)


I agree with coingirl, we will always have a dog as they just add something to life that no person can. They love their human companions and treat them as the center of their world. I don't know where else can you find that unconditional love.

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