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New class in about 6 weeks!




So, I was just offered the chance to teach my own four year old class in the fall. It starts August but it might actually start mid-July. I am going to be in a classroom by myself but it is going to be a very large class so I will be able to really use the space well and let the kids learn through play. I'm really excited about it, I had so much fun in that age group when I was there for a week recently. I worked really hard to give them a week of fun and learning because their teacher is a bit lackluster... especially this year which has been a rough year for her with a crazy class. They said they were overwhelmingly impressed with how I handled the class that week - not to toot my own horn but it was so exciting to hear I had to share.


So, logistically this is going to be great for us. I get to work 8-5 instead of 9-6 which is great because my kids will have less of a crazy night before bedtime. It also means that I will get the chance to actually bathe them more consistently and making dinner at home. My poor kids are sometimes the stinky kids at school, haha! We sometimes choose to let them wait another night for a bath in exchange with 15 minutes of family time. On a personal level, this will not only be rewarding to get to actually teach the kids but it will be better for me physically. I'm still meeting with a doctor soon to talk about possible fibromyalgia and lifting the babies is getting very difficult.


I hope I can get through the whole year and keep up the momentum because the kids deserve a proper preschool year. I told them I probably wouldn't work next summer but the more I think about it... with the day camp being so cheap that we are using this year, my medicine helping my stomach and proper doctor care for anything else that might pop up. I think I will work through the summer until the school year begins and THEN reduce my hours to part time. They said I can work 8:30-2 while the kids are in school. That way we don't have to pay for after care and I'm still bringing in money!


I really lucked out finding this job, they're amazing!

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I am so glad for you! I love my 3's. If you need ideas for lesson plans/centers the site teacher pay teachers has a lot of free material.

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