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Weekly Update-May goals




Of course, a brief house update as well.


Dh and I went out on Saturday. We painted the front door, mowed the lawn, ran the vacuum, tried to replace the lock but the one we bought didn't work, so we sprayed WD40 all over the inner workings of the lock we had and put it back. We also wiped up the door jams (which were NOT dirty, as in, no dirt comes off on the wipe. I think they were just seeing a slightly different shade of paint, plus swept up the porch and cleaned up the tree bed in front and added new mulch. We had 2 showings Saturday (after we left) and the reviews were much better. I don't know how much our work actually contributed, but at least we know it wasn't wasted effort. The first review said it showed well, but that the clients found a different house and neighborhood they liked better. The second one though said that it was their top choice so far. So we have had a total of 4 showings in the first week on the market. We don't have anything else scheduled so far, but I am hopeful. Mom said she just saw an article in the Indy Star about home supply in Indy being down, and prices creeping up, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Goal update:




*dinner at the table 5 outta 7 nights-We managed 3. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

*One other meal, 4 times a week-this we accomplished. Yay!

*Reading to the kids 15 minutes, 5 outta 7 nights-also managed this...on the nights I didn't, DH did. Dani Lee kept us going here because she keeps bringing us books

*kid free night with DH-did NOT happen, just too much going on

*Limit TV to 2 hrs a day-Most days we are hovering between 2 and 2.5 hrs. Days that DH is not working, we start to creep closer to 3 hours.



Money Goals-

*$1700 into the car fund.-We are still on track for this. This last paycheck we had to raid this a bit to cover expenses for the house, but the next paycheck will be a little higher than budgeted.

*$250 into the cow fund-I don't think we are going to hit this. BUT...I am actually going to let this go anyway, because we got an update and the cow won't be ready until like September, so I still have time for this.

*$50 MORE to the car fund each week-did NOT happen. In fact, we had to raid it a bit. Two Steps Forward, One and a half back. But, half a step is still progress.

*2 no spend days each week-so far, averaging just 1. *sigh* Each time I think I can go without spending, something comes up. Like today, the 4 yr old dropped a full gallon of milk, split the bottom and the entire gallon was on the kitchen floor. It was our last one, so I am going to go buy milk today.


ALSO, not part of our goals, but DH and I DID sit down last night and to June's budget. I think we are getting better about remembering to include everything, like trips to the pool, a particular tool he's been looking to get, etc.


Household goals:


*Clean Kitchen 5 outta 7 nights-We are getting there. It's clean-ish most nights. Last night I still had a second load of dishes to go in the dishwasher, but everything else was done.

*Bedroom pick up each night-this is going well, there were 2 nights last week that it didn't happen, but otherwise, good.

*clean out the computer desk-still haven't touched it.

*Weed the garden once a week.-this is being done. In fact, I am doing a little bit each day, yesterday was the first, "serious" weekly weeding because the daily 5 minutes has been enough





*Read 4 books-behind on this, need to get to work!

*sew up CJ's diapers-didn't get into the sewing room at all!

*sew up summer items-again, didn't get into the sewing room at all.


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