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Had some energy today!




I'm pretty sure I had energy because I spent the first 3 hours of my day awake in bed. That's refreshing when I'm not feeling well. So, today I enlisted Alex's help and we have been rearranging the furniture and decluttering. We had piles of boxes and bags in the living room that needed to be sold, stored (some hand me down clothing) or donated. We've already sent one load of stuff to Goodwill, I've posted a ton of stuff for sale and have lots more to post as well as consign and there is some clothing for storage. I'm not quite done but I already feel so much better!


There is a woman in my community looking for extra work cleaning. Since cleaning after working a full week has been very hard for me I am going to enlist her help. A full house clean, top to bottom, once a month for $50. We have been discussing it since Alex got his job and have decided that it is worth the reduction in snowball to help me. We all do chores but the kids can only do so much and Alex works hard all week as well. It's been hard for me to deal with not being able to keep up because I've been sick. I'm so relieved we made this choice!


Of course, I'm going to try to find at least $50 a month in snowflakes so we don't really reduce the snowball! It will start sometime in June.


And until then, I am going to finish reorganizing the house. We received more hand me downs recently and I'm going to try and sit in the living room tonight to sort them. Some of it will be sold in consignment or in my local buy sell and trade group. I've made $5 today and have someone picking up a toy tomorrow for $17.


Anyway, just felt like writing it out. Tension bothers my stomach (medicine or not) and these choices will really help relieve tension!

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I really ought to, I'm just worried I would just fall asleep anyway. What I need is to magically go back about 12 years when I had energy at the end of the day and could clean up. The messy house really bothers me but sometimes I literally pass out eating I'm so tired.


I will do some more research into meditation though, could only be a positive!

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Made $30 the last 24 hours on selling items we didn't use anyway. Also used a gift card from Teacher Appreciation Week to get a coat rack from Target so we could have an organized entry way. I'm starting to feel much better about my home!

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