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Weekly Update-May Goals




Quick update on the house first. If you have read any of the posts on the forum you know my construction guys are FINALLY finished and we have a sign in the yard. I still don't have a live listing though. There were some discussions regarding initial list price and length of contract that we worked out over the weekend. DH and I signed the papers on Sunday morning, but I haven't gotten a notice that we are live yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have an offer in 2 weeks. That's what I really want.


So that's the house, now for the rest of the goals.


Family/parenting goals:


*Eating at the table 5 outta 7 nights. Well, I managed a total of 4. Didn't make goal, but came close.

*One or more meals 4 times out of the week. I did manage this one. Yay! Now to do it again.

*Read to the kids 15 minutes a night 5 outta 7. We managed 3 nights. Will focus on this hard this week. It will be easier with DH home.

*Spend one night a week "kid free" with DH. Not possible because he was gone and Saturday his sister came over so it got a bit crazy, so no early bedtime.

*Limit tv to no more than 2 hrs a day. I have been most successful with this one. We have been pretty consistent with 2 to 2.5 hrs each day.



Money Goals:


*Put $1700 in the car fund as budgeted. Budgeted $238 this paycheck, but only got $100 in due to DH's check being short and some extra house expenses.

Will work hard on this one

*Put $250 in the cow fund out of the grocery budget. I was under budget this week, but not by enough. Going to have to go CHEAP next week.

*Add at least $50 more per week to the car fund. At the last minute, I got a sale on my etsy shop! Yay. It was a $50 sale, so I am only going to net $40ish,

but still close. I am going to update the CL ads again this week, and maybe sort the kids clothes and list the outgrown stuff.

*2 no spend days a week. Well, I had last Sunday, and Wednesday last week. Thursday was supposed to be, but I ended up having to get stuff for the house



Household goals:


*Go to bed with a clean kitchen at least 5 out of 7 nights each week. Well it was clean-ish. Dishes washed, stuff put away, but not totally clean. When Dh

got home, he did a total deep clean for me, so we are starting from square one with this, just have to keep it that way.

*Do a pick up of each bedroom each and every night, with kids helping with theirs. This so did NOT happen. Refocus!

*Clean out our computer desk/table by the end of the month. Haven't touched it yet, probably won't this week either.

*weed garden once a week Have actually been doing this daily. Just a couple minutes each morning pulling a few small ones.



Personal Goals:


*Read 4 books Only about a quarter of the way through the first one.

*Finish sewing the other 3 diapers I have cut for CJ by the end of the month. Have worked on the first one, but none finished yet.

*Sew 1 summer item for each kid, and one item each for DH and I by the end of the month. Haven't started but did some repairs on some older clothes








Now, after all that...the car fund might end up getting used on the house. Which has actually always been a possibility. If we sell right around asking price, we won't have to, but if we have to drop too much below that, we might have to bring some of it to the table at closing.

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