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Just a little update.


I heard back from the IRS. I was able to talk them down from $5,000 to $600. I could probably talk them down another $20 but I am sick and can't bring myself to do it. I wrote the check and will mail it out on Monday.


My husband's government travel card has issued us a refund check for $400. The check is in the mail. I plan to use it to refill the FFEF used by the IRS.


I talked to my husband and he wants to sign the one year lease and then reevaluate when he gets home this fall. The lease is in the mail...supposedly. I am with holding June's rent till it gets here.


I have a friend who is a lawyer in NJ. I have a call into her to discuss it all. She is out of town till Monday so I will touch base with her soon.


My husband has decided he would like to cross train from air plane maintenance to paralegal. Would open up a lot more bases for us and he thinks he will be happier. He wants to be a lawyer when he gets out of the military so it would be good for him to get a taste of it before he applies to law school.


The kids and I are all sick. Four of them tested positive for strep throat the other three of us tested negative on the rapid test bit I am sure the cultures will come back positive in a few days when it grows. We are all on antibiotics. That was expensive. We are only able to go to an ER if we are not able to go to our Dr in NJ. The er here was not pleased with the seven of us coming in for strep tests. Until the Dr came in and they realized we were family (cousins) suddenly they were very nice and helpful. Then we took the seven prescriptions to the pharmacy where my brother works. That worked out well...until I got on auto pilot and dosed our youngest daughter with a syringe that held amoxicillin given to a sibling. She is allergic to amoxicillin. So I had to go back for benadryl and swap out the contaminated bottle for a new one. I almost had a heart attack when she fell asleep in the car. She is fine and I am still beating myself up.


I think that is about all here. We are doing lots of planting in the garden and staying on top of our school work. Oh, and I lost 10 lbs and a pant size :-)

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Congrats on the slim down! Your husband looking into a new career field is kind of exciting. You and your kids rest up, hydrate and get over that strep ASAP. yuck!!

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