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Kinda stuck




We paid off all our debt. Except mortgage and a cabin i know dumb to have cabin.

We have 75k saved for DD college. She's 16.

We have a FFEF -6 months.

Putting 15% away for retirement

We have 44 k saved in an account.

dS is 10 need to put away for him.


Not sure where to go next. Or where to put 44k. Help us refocus.




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I guess I would want to know what your payoffs are on the cabin and mortgage. If paying either one of those off before DS goes to college you would greatly improve your snowball and then you could cashflow college for him.

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Agree with Kelley. I think I would just go through the steps and see where you fall..........looks like setting aside a portion for DS for college and then start paying off the mortgage or cabin (although I would personally start with the house).

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