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Somehow, we lost April



Dh was released from the hospital today. He was in there since April 8th. I will be home from work another week, as he needs 24/7 care for at least a week. It's wonderful to have him home.


I haven't surveyed the full damage to our budget yet. I ate breakfast and dinner at home, but would usually get lunch to eat with dh in his room. Parking was free. The hospital was about 35 miles away, and I was there every day, but it's the same commute as to work, so it was very likely within our gas budget.


I was able to work online quite a bit, so I will not have to use up a ton of sick/vacation time. I was able to keep up on the blog, and invoiced them for March, so we have that income.


We also had a plumbing emergency (leaking water under the bathroom sink and off the water heater - unrelated leaks but happened at the same time. I guess I should be grateful it was only one visit). Thank God for the EF. So that will have to be rebuilt $300.


We also have additional insurance similar to AFLAC, and will get $200 for every day after the second day he was in the hospital. This will help us counteract some of the eating out budget overage, and right now the plan is for the rest to go to the snowball. We talked about it and set a goal to pay off the lowest card by June 30. Woot!


Since I will be off work the next week, I will have time to make up some freezer meals (depleted for my dinners while he was in the hospital - so glad they were there!), and sell some things on FB and CL.


The last six months have been pretty rough & tumble. I am very, very ready for it not to be our turn any more. Dh went into the hospital for a week in October - then a mixup with his meds send him back to the hospital for four days about two weeks later - then the holidays, which are always crazy - then I got pneumonia in January and was sick for TWO months (sick, relapse, relapse, retained cough due to asthma) - and then dh got sick again, over 3 weeks in the hospital. Seriously. It needs to move on.


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Hugs to you. You two have had a rough haul but I hope things will get better for you soon. I'm glad May is over.

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((HUGS)) to you.  You have had a rough few years, and I hope brighter days are ahead.

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What a bad few months!  Glad your husband is home - hugs, good thoughts and well wishes!  Here's to a magnificant May!

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