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Update 4 months in




Here are the goals I wrote out at the start of November, then my progress.


1. Pay Sallie Mae off by the end of this year, this should be relatively easy.

Done before 2012! Yippee!!!!!!


2. Fund Roth's enough to get to 15% before the end of Feb. I anticipate needing $3K for this. For next year we have the 401-K's up at 15% so there will likely be no Roth contributions next year, we needed the tax break in 2012 more than ever.

12.4% + 4.9% match for 2011, will be over 15% + 5.9% match for 2012. No Roths, probably will reinstate Roth funding in 2013.


3. Send huge tax refund (which is because of getting the geothermal system) to the HEL.

Done! HEL is under $18K, a $6K payment sure makes a huge difference!


4. Decide at that point how much money can be sent each month to what is left of the HEL, set that on automatic.

This will be $400 until $5K is saved up for the back porch, $1,500 after that.


5. Save for other goals throughout the year such as property taxes, repairing the back porch, and a nice vacation (it's been a few years and May will be our 5th year together).

Vacation cruise scheduled (and paid for of course!) for March, the only good time for me between classes this year before fall.

$5K for porch will be saved up by early summer.

Property taxes fit in there just fine.


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