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checking in




Just a quick update. We are all settled in here in Kentucky and my husband is working hard through his deployment. Life back on the farm has taken some getting used to. Especially being unable to leave the farm if the creek rises. We are having lots of adventures here and I have been cataloging each week on my blog. Due to the lack of internet the posts are written and scheduled to start auto posting beginning in May.


Financially things are going well. Being unable to leave the farm and having no internet to do online shopping really limits the amounts spent.


We are doing well overall but I would very much like to have my husband home. We have completed 10% of the deployment....just 90% to go.

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Slow going. With travel costs on both sides we didn't have any snowball last paycheck. This check I am unsure of since we still need to receive our final bills for the cell phones, cable, electric, natural gas, etc. I have them budgeted for their previous amounts even though we canceled midmonth. Once May starts, those bills are paid and the deployment pay starts. it is a $2,000 a month excess starting in May that will go to the ffef.

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sounds good. I've been pretty frugal myself and stashing cash while DH is gone. It's much easier when i only have myself to keep accountable andsbaby to keep me home more than usual. We have a laundry list of "wants" to pay for when he gets back so I'm trying to pad our savings now.

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Definitely much harder on him than me. He is working 6 twelve hour shifts in a row (120degree temps) gets one day off then back to it. He showers outside and has to fight a sand storm at 2 am just to go pee. I have a cake walk compared to that.

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