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2015-7 (sewing pics)



The contract position still hasn't started, so in the meantime I've been basking in homemaking. I love it, and am not bothered by the delay. Timing would actually be better if the job thing started mid summer, but by fall for sure.


We have a few short (but expensive) trips to take over the next six weeks. First one is in two weeks (family related). Realizing I have nothing to wear this summer, I started to sew for myself after a few weeks of baby sewing. I have major anxiety about dressing myself these days. It's weird. My body is not a shape I'm used to. I need easy access for nursing. I have to wear those annoying pads that make my chest look lumpy. My stomach isn't back to normal yet either. I'm actually relieved this is my last baby, the last time I'll have these body issues. (Well, until menopause and slower metabolism, but that's a worry for another day. )


Anyway, I wanted to make things because I'm in a transitional size and shape, and I don't want to spend money on clothes that I'll only wear for a season. Plus I really want comfort ... so now I have two knit skirts, with the yoga type waist (comfort! ), two tops that still don't quite fit right, but will do. I'm going to try making better tops this weekend.


Pictures of sewing projects:




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Those all look great!  I wish I knew how to make my serger do those neat edges you have there!  

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Thanks! This morning I'm cutting a neck out of a tie dye T shirt and adding a drawstring. I hate regular tshirts, mostly because of the necks (So I'm going to change that!)



For the ruffled edges i used three needle (or is that thread?), set stitch length to zero, mess with tension and stretch your fabric as it goes through. I googled lettuce edges on serger and found a tutorial.

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They look great! As for the pads that look lumpy, I'm guessing you mean the nursing pads? Have you looked into LilyPadz by chance? I hesitated buying them for the price but I loved them! Not lumpy and they worked great. I was a "cow" too, lots of milk and always leaked and these still worked great.

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Thanks for that tip, I should have googled that long since!


Sometimes when I have a t-shirt that has an uncomfortable neck I'll just cut it off, then fold inward about 1/4 inch and do a zigzag stitch all the way around.  I end up with a much looser and more comfortable neck that lays flat and still has stretch to it.

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Thanks, y'all! I think she's pretty cute too! She's the best model for all the new clothes I've made for her. I never made clothes for my boys because they had plenty of hand me downs. This baby girl outgrew all of the gifted clothes and had not much to wear this summer until I took to the sewing machine. (We don't have a source of hand me downs for her. Good thing baby dresses are fun to sew.)



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I made another shirt from two of my DH s old (nasty) tshirts. It looked good enough that I wore it out of the house AND got compliments. It was better than free! (I cut the pit stains out, so it is fine)

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