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Prayers please




tomorrow I go in to get the results of Naomi's speech, OT and PT evaluations. Even though she is seeing improvement from medication there are still areas where she needs help. Especially in speech!


Also, I could use prayers for my health. My ulcerative colitis is not under control at all. When I'm in a flare I have trouble with fatigue and since I can't slack at work I tend to crash at home. I am going for another colonoscopy next week, hopefully they will either see something that provides an answer or come up with some new medicine. My poor family, Alex has been doing all of the bedtime routine with the kids because I literally don't have it in me. The girls are now used to coming down to kiss me goodnight. :(



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How'd it go with Naomi's results? Did they have some helpful suggestions/solutions?


I hope you are getting rest and am sending healing thoughts your way. 

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She didn't qualify for services, her speech issues are still considered normal I guess. They won't do OT if the chikd doesn't also qualify for speech. I did find out that she tested way above average in most areas, so proof that she's a smart little kid!


We had a staff meeting last night and they strongly urged us not to attend kid's birthday parties. I think my boss is upset with me, I made it clear to her afterwards that I wasn't willing to keep my girls from ever attending their friends' parties. I don't think they should be punished because I work there. I did say I would send Alex if I could instead of me though. I won't get fired for it unless I say something about the school that I shouldn't, which I have years of experience not doing. The moms at the JCC had no

boundaries about asking about rumors and I never engaged. Sigh, I don't want her to be upset with me but still... I just don't think it is fair to never let my children join a birthday party because of me. :(


Oh, and we were considering taking a road trip when Alex had to travel for work I. August but just found out teacher in service ruins those plans. I'm pretty sad about that, it was going to be

Our first chance to visit family we hadn't seen in 3.5 years.

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You would think that the school would make exceptions for employees whose kids attend. Like you said, those are their friends. I think sending Alex is a great idea though as it shows that you are trying to work with their rules. 


Bummer that Naomi doesn't qualify. Hopefully though, that is a good thing. It is always nice to receive confirmation that your kiddo is smart!


August is a ways away. Give it time and maybe it or something else will work out for a trip. 

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What the school asked you sounds very "off" to me. My son attends Catholic school, and a lot of the teachers' kids attend. The kids with their teacher parents come to all the parties. There is no problem. Many parents substitute at the school and volunteer (including myself). People understand the boundaries and are professional. We consider the school more than just a place of learning but a community.

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They didn't say it was against the rules, just strongly advised against it. Apparently a lot of these parents serve cocktails at parties for the parents and a staff meeting had to be called due to the complaints all the parents discussed at a recent one. I guess a small issue becomes a big one when a bunch of tipsy women get together and talk about it. I don't drink so that wouldn't be an issue.


I guess not all the moms at this school get the idea of boundaries. Although none of them have ever asked me anything inappropriate.


Got in trouble today. I was in the hallway trying to make a phone call but was on hold. A mom kept asking me to talk about something so I stepped in to discuss it and got taken off hold. Stepped to the side in the room instead of going back into the hallway and two parents complained, even the one who knew I had been trying to stay out in the hall! Craziness. I got a warning and was told I would be written up if it happened again, she didn't write me up this time because it was obvious I wasn't on the phone while in charge of kids. There were two other teachers in the room and I wasn't even in that class that day. Stupid... Too much drama.

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It's been a bit weird, they're trying to reign it in. I'm guessing the coworker who just got back from maternity leave is the reason we got lectured about our appearance. She hasn't been covering her new found nursing chest very well. Poor thing.


I am on a liquid diet tomorrow for the test Monday. I was just sitting here starving so I had cereal. Hopefully that isn't too much cheating. I'm up because I'm on a roll knitting. My mom bought me a book that goes through different patterns to make an afghan. I'm running out of the yarn I'm using thoigh. She will bring me more this week, her gift to me for Hanukkah was the book and the yarn needed. She's just buying it slowly. :)

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No answers from the colonoscopy yet. Well, other than they didn't see it getting worse or any signs of cancer. So, those are huge blessings... But they can't tell me why my stomach hurts so much and I can't eat. :( Waiting on blood work and biopsies. Sigh...

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