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So Flippin Sick



In mid-January, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on antibiotics. Then I felt better. Then I had a relapse. More antibiotics. Felt better. Another relapse. More antibiotics.


And I'm finally feeling human again. I don't think I've ever been this sick in my life, and I include chemo in that statement. It was horrible.


So we ended up eating carryout a lot, and/or pretty crummy stuff that dh could make easily. It didn't totally wreck our budget, because we just weren't going anywhere. I missed almost 4 weeks of work, used up most of my sick time.


Just got caught up with everything, and found that we have succeeded in saving up the $3300 we owe in federal taxes - and two weeks early!


This is a HUGE thing for us - no, it's not a debt, and we would have loved to send this off to one of our debts, but we'd rather not have the IRS knocking on our door for their money. And yes, some of it was from extra income, and this year we must put cash away to pay for federal taxes on that extra income. BUT - this proves that we can do it. We can get $3300 out of our budget in three months. Woot!

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It's been a brutal winter everywhere -- my friends in Madison and Memonomee Falls have been complaining about the snow, the cold and never ending winter.  I'm sorry you've been bit by the illness bug.  I hope that you're on the mend, for good, this time!!


Way to go for getting the tax money before tax day!!

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Glad to hear your feeling better. That is rough being so sick for so long. Good job saving for the taxes, even though you were eating out, I suppose you weren't doing much else being ill.

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