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Here we go again



Finally getting around to my weekly update. I know that I do better on the plan if I actually come here and post is all for everyone to see. Keeps me real. It was a very busy weekend this weekend but sometimes it goes that way.


I actually wound up throwing a small birthday party for my son. I kept the cost down by making the cake and only buying plates and a table cloth, the only thing the kids really care about. It was a little more than I was planning on doing but the kids had a great time and it distracted my girls from some stuff that is going on in the case (I'm a foster parent and sometimes :o things go wrong.) A good time was had by all and we got to spend the day with close family and friends which was lovely. And on the plus side, I am still within budget for the month for blow money.


At any rate, it was a beautiful weekend this weekend and we were able to spend sometime outdoors enjoying the weather. I am so glad that it is finally feeling like spring and the kids can go outside and play. I need to sit down and figure out all the free activities around town that will be offered this summer. I know there is an Easter Egg Hunt next weekend so that will take care of keeping the us busy then and of course the weekend after will be Easter so we'll have a family get together hosted by my parents. Having things planned out that don't cost anything will really help with the budget this summer but the do require some pre-planning on my part.


Weekly Update



Cell Phone; $0.00/$343.50

CC # 4: $0.00/$5,423.06

SL # 2: $5,340.48/$5415.83

SL # 1: $5,410.88/5,489.11

CC # 3: $8,695.45/$8,794.50

SL # 3: $12,414.18/$12,585.56

CC # 1: $12,910.89/$13,444.25

CC # 2: $15,977.38/$16,131.48

Total: $60,749.26/$67,721.50

Total Decrease $6,972.24


Gahhh. Interest being applied the accounts is super irritating. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm not looking at the amount of interest I pay monthly for the "honor" of being stupid with my finances. One step at a time, I am making progress slow though it may be.


Onto the next minor emergency that has reared it's ugly head. My car keeps dying as I drive it down the road so yes indeed I get to pay for a car repair sometime this week as well. Frustrating but that's what the emergency fund is for. Thankfully the car is paid off so at least it's actually my car. I do need the car so not fixing it isn't an option. I'm going to be dropping it off at my Dad's house tomorrow so he can have it looked at and see if it is something he can handle or if I'm going to need to pay for the repair. Fingers crossed that this only costs me one arm or leg not both. I know Dave says that God will test your resolve when you commit to this program and Murphy will visit just to make sure you are actually commited but I'm really looking forward to the day that Murphy moves out and leaves me to it so I can actually make some progress.


And on top of everything else, I have a Spring cold. So far this week sucks. But I am holding out for a better tomorrow, now I'm off to warm up a can of soup and rest on my sofa.


Hope everyone has a great week.

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One of the things that was very motivating to me was tracking the interest paid monthly.  You could use your current/beginning format.  For example:


current interest $550 / beginning interest $600


Keep up the good work.  You've already got one large card knocked out!

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