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Work has been crazy, the paper route on top of DH's job is just nuts... and snow on the first day of spring! (Although I would be perfectly happy if winter ended on April 15th! It kills me to be cooped up inside on the first nice days of spring!)


this is my new to do list, helps to write it here for some accountability!


Mail HSA payment of $2785 to my HSA.

Make 2015 HSA Deposit for DH so we can reimburse ourselves for the Dr bill we just paid.

Budget this weekend - were were most recently $1522 short of our goal, but overtime and good ebay week will help.

Also, my insurance will not be deducted for the next 4 weeks due to the error I caught! Nice snowflake at the perfect time!

Research where we will open IRA (probably Vanguard)

Decide where to invest the money in my 401k (when it finally reaches the correct balance!) That has been a nightmare, and still not resolved.


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OK, you asked for accountability, here it is.

Decide where to invest the money in my 401k (when it finally reaches the correct balance!)

This statement has a major flaw. We all do this in many ways in our life. I'll reorganize my own wardrobe once I loose that stubborn 15 pounds. Yeah, it's missing the point.


I know you've got some administration to work through, but don't let it stop you from choosing your asset allocation.

For now, focus on an investment roadmap.

What asset categories are you trying to capture in this 401k (as opposed to your Roth).

What fund minimums are you working against?

What transaction costs are you contending with?

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Well its more of a time issue because I'm working 80 hours a week right now between my two jobs. So it's on my list but at the bottom for a reason since I am waiting and can't do anything at this moment.

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But thank you for the advice. I do want to follow Dr advice about investing. I need to reread that chapter in tmmo.

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Umm, a word of advice. There art many roads to investing and following DR may be a little too risky for some as he recommends no allocations to bonds. I personally have ours set at 20% but 30 or 40% might be more appropriate based on your personal risk tolerance. There are online quizzes that can help you decide on your asset allocation of you can bounce some things off us if you like.

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