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Geothermal, 3 months in




We've now had 3 months of electric bills with the geothermal system. I know this year hasn't been typical with such warm weather, so the system hasn't been tested to the max yet, but so far so good!


November's electric usage was about 56 kwh per day, compared to between 39 and 76 over the past 4 years. So a bit higher than typical, but still in range.


December's electric usage was 68 kwh per day, compared to between 40 and 86 for the past 4 years. It was higher than the most recent 2 years, but not by too much.


January's usage was 67, only higher than last year's 57. Previous 3 years are up between 80 and 85.


Despite the warm weather I can say that this is pretty amazing! This is all without heating oil which adds about $300 a month to the bills. So my electric alone is in a typical range for this household, and heating oil is gone, saving us the heating oil costs. Granted there are costs associated with buying the new system so it balances out.


Oh, and I am so very much looking forward to having air conditioning this summer! One that's not in the window making a racket so loud I can hardly sleep! The geothermal unit is so quiet you can hardly tell it's running, even standing in the room with it.


Also, still the best choice we made was getting our house insulated to go along with this. It's turning into quite a cozy house here with each change.

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