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On the road to better health....



Back in September I recommited to getting healthy and losing weight. I no longer eat grains or sugar and eat very low carb. What I eat are veggies, cheese, meats, eggs and good healthy fats. It seemed at first it would be costly but as time went by I discovered that I eat very little day to day, often one or 2 small meals a day, with no hungar pains what so ever. That's what good healthy fats do for you!!! I have also seen good health improvements. Gone are the antidepressants, asthma inhaler, allergy meds and daily Advil and Rolaids, along with aches, pains and depression! I have more energy, sleep deeply and have lost a good amount of weight.


I have been trying to encourage my DH, who does not follow my WOE, by just being a healthy example, hoping he would come around. I am very concerned about his health and have told him so. He is built just like his father and I see him going down the the same unhealthy road his Dad has gone down. He already has HBP, a very hard "beer" belly, he has knee replacement in his future, he gets very winded with the slightest amount of movement. I love him no matter his size and want him around a good long time. But there is a fine line between concern and nagging and I know the latter does not work. So I thought when he saw my good results he would jump right onboard!! Nope! What sort of bugs me is I would change my eating and life style habits for the sake of DH's health I would have hoped he'd do the same for me.


I finally had a heart to heart with DH just last week and asked him to just care about himself enough to make some changes. I told him it felt like we were going in two different directions. He said he wanted to but it is hard! Well no kidding!! I changed my whole life style by changing my WOE, with no outside support and often criticism. It has been 6 months and I still get raised eyebrows and snide remarks. But I beleive it has to be a change in life style, a true commitment to making big changes in order for it to work and maintain for a lifetime. He still thinks he can "diet", cut back a little here and there, he has been down that road many times with NO lasting results. But I will support any positive changes!


Now that it has warmed up we are going on daily walks, he is eating more fruits and veggies, his portions sizes have reduced some. It's a start, but like I said we have been down this road before. It is the same road I took many times before, I completely changed my life style and WOE. I'm still puzzled as to how to prepare meals, I guess a low fat version of what ever I eat??


Is anyone else dealing with different WOE within the family?

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I am with you, I have changed my WOE, stopped drinking soda, no (min) sugar, more veggies, less carbs. My DH on the other hand will get donuts and candy bars at the store and eat them right in front of me. Well I am ok with that as I have will power. We actually make two different meals as he won't eat what I do and I wont eat what he does. I have talked with him about changing his WOE but he says he is fine and since he isn't overweight he has no reason to. He even had a Heart attach scare but that didn't do anything. I just wish he would listen a little bit and see what eating clean can do to a person. At least the DS 16 is eating more like me. He is working out everyday and getting fit. Well he was already but he needs to build muscle for football and wrestling.


I do agree with you that I feel so much better. No heart burn, my joints have less pain, I sleep better, less headaches, and I have drop a few pounds.

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In your home, who buys the groceries and who cooks the meals?  In my house, that's my wife.  She can change my WOE much easier than I can change hers.

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I was confused about what WOE meant as well until GLG covered it. Thanks!


I deal with a different WOE with my husband but I am luckier in the fact that he LOVES foods that are easily to go healthy with. Examples: Loves salads, the more loaded the better. Loves his "Yonana" machine which pulverizes frozen bananas and fruit of choice into a "fro-yo", we've been having these for desserts pretty often.

I am the grocery shopper and cook in the house, so he eats what I make. Of our weekly budget I allow a couple of fun treat items for him and necessities for when I don't cook or for when he's home to eat lunch and there's no leftovers: boxes of mac n cheese, pack of hot dogs, lunch meat,cheese, bread and condiments, and canned chili/ravioli/soup are some of those staple DH food items. I have found that simply grocery shopping and having more healthy snack or meal options on hand make it so that he heats more healthy by default. If you were to do the same, would your DH go out and buy whatever crap food he wanted regardless? Or would he eat what was available in the kitchen?

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Yes sorry WOE= way of eating.


I do the bulk of the shopping and cooking, but he will buy and cook the foods he wants. An issue we run into with the meals I make is I eat high fat and very minimal carbs(less than 20g a day), which works for me. I have told him it won't work if he eats my high fat meals along with his high carb sides. I guess if he cuts out the junk foods and makes better choices with his side dishes and snacks he should still see improvements.

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The best way to make dietary changes for us is to make really delicious food within the new guidelines. We're going the opposite direction of you but an example is that I've found 2 really good veggie burger recipes and DH prefers them to real burgers. Also, I try to mix what I want with what he loves. He's not a big fan of salads but loves fish. So today I made a huge salad with grilled teriyaki tuna steak. We each got some of what we love. And keeping the fridge full of leftovers raises the chance that he'll grab an easy bowl of bean salad for the convenience rather than making mac & cheese or a bowl of sugary cereal when I'm not around.


And thanks a lot Gelly, now I want some banana ice cream. I don't have a Yonana but you can do the same thing in the Vitamix or a juicer. Guess what's for dessert tonight?

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Wait, you're married to the same man I am!  Weird :P


The decision to change can only come from within.  I want nothing more than for my DH to be healthy and active well into his 90's so I can spend lots and lots of time with him over the years.  He's not quite trending that way right now, but I can still hope.

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We have that in my house too.  I recently gave up eating meat and dairy, and am eating very little oil.  With the blessing of my primary care physician and my gastroenterologist, I might add, so nobody says "don't eat that way!"  It's made a big difference in how my blood sugar is and how I feel, but DH is not a veggie fan and doesn't want to eat anything remotely healthy.  I would never ask him to give up what he loves...I just wish he would make better choices and maybe not eat an entire block of cheese and a bag of pretzels at one sitting. 

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Luchitasmom, I agree. It would obviously be easiest if he ate the way I did, but my main concern is his health and any steps he makes in that direction I will encourage. But I do know that dieting doesn't work and he needs to make some life style changes for the long term.


My WOE is also to keep blood sugar levels even through out the day, no spikes and drops. I never feel hungry or get cravings, it has been life changing. It isn't the easiest WOE, because there is wheat, sugar, chemicals and crap put in everything, so I have to be a diligent label reader. It has all been so worth it!

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As part of getting healthier I bought some grass fed beef from a local farmer. I was very excited about this purchase. I bought 1# ground beef, 2 T-bone steaks and 4 beef bratwurst. We have now tried each one and I have to say I'm not really a fan of the taste. I can put a finger on it but there was an odd taste to it. The steaks were tough, which was disappointing because they were expensive. I am very disappointed by this. My DH was already skeptical and this did not help.

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