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Financial Housekeeping



Just because you are in BS7 doesn't mean you can "set it and forget it". So far this week:


Rollover 2 CD's - if you just let the CU do it you get like .5% instead of the 3% special.

Moved money from a low interest MM to a higher interest savings account.

Ordered checks on 4 accounts with old addresses - we moved almost 4 years ago!

Clear out a brokerage sweep account earning nothing.

Called to reactivate CU account that we haven't had any activity on in over a year.

Decided we don't need a 1 month cash EF in the house, took cash to bank.

Fixed an online account linked to a non existent checking account.

Updated a spreadsheet on an private bond.

Sold 2 stocks.


Still to do:

Sell a few more stocks.

Trade an international fund we're not happy with.

Rebalance 401ks.

Change state withholdings.

Invest some ROTH funds that are just parked.


I'm not complaining, all good problems to have. But it's easy to not stay on top of the little things when most of your financial life is on auto-pilot.

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Yep! You need to stay on top of things. Yesterday, I ordered vision care for DH and I. Transferred money from checking to savings to start tooth crown fund. Planned menu with freezer finds.

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