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On track to meet our mortgage goal, decided to keep funding college indefinitely (well, until all the kids are through), may still put off the countertops until the 50k mark. I'm in a slump about it again.


I'm also in a sewing slump. Coincides with teething baby. Turns out I need sleep, and when I don't get it, extra stuff doesn't get done. House is reasonably clean and we all eat well. That's what matters right now when baby nurses 3 times per night.


I haven't followed up yet with contract work, because quite frankly, I've forgotten what a good night of sleep is like, and most days here recently I don't feel like I'd be a good worker. I know it'll get better, so I will follow up, but delay starting until fall. But, oh, that snowball would be nice, I like having lazy days when I need them. And I need them right now.

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Isn't it funny how you see keeping the house up, taking care of a baby and cooking/cleaning up after 3 meals a day as lazy? I know you'd love to be done with the mortgage sooner rather than later but taking care of yourself and baby is so important. Work will be there and I'm sure you'll get that mortgage paid off way earlier than normal people. I'm in the same boat. ;-)

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Sewing slump, conquered! I made a baby dress yesterday. Just wasn't in a quilt making mood. After posting I thought that inaction could be part of my deal, so I set a timer and did some stuff.

Today is harder, massive headache, but her tooth is nearly through, so hoping for better sleep very soon!


I love what you wrote, kelvan. My husband says the same and is always telling me to just relax, maybe read a book. Love that advice. ..

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I made four new dresses, all from what I already had on hand. Not technically free, but felt like it.

I also touched base with work. I'll probably get software mid week and see what I can do during down time. I figured if I have time to sew four dresses in three days and read 16 books so far this year, I might be able to eek out 8 to 10 hours of work per week. We'll see. As always, work knows I need flexibility and in return, I help meet deadlines and give thoughtful experience.


Watch out for snowballs ahead.

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