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Settling into the Plan



Well this is my third weekly update, things seem to be going pretty well. I am finding that the more I focus on getting back on track with my finances other things seem to be shaping up. My house is actually starting to be presentable. I've made some progress on getting the kitchen back to the point that I enjoy cooking in it and the kids are super excited that I am cooking again rather than eating out all the time. Hopefully my laundry will follow suit, I have a goal of finishing up the current laundry today. It is sorted all over my living room floor so I should be motivated to get it completed.


I cleaned out my pantry last week which sorely needed to be done. I found food that had a best used by date of 2011 in there. I finally actually see what we have to use up and can better plan meals for the week. Next planned purge is the canned goods cabinet.



BS 1 - $2000/$2000.00 -Refilled this week

And the weekly update, as always any increase are due to interest



Cell Phone; $0.00/$343.50

CC # 4: $0.00/$5,423.06

SL # 2: $5,332.95/$5415.83

SL # 1: $5,410.88/5,489.11

CC # 3: $8,587.99/$8,794.50

SL # 3: $12,395.77/$12,585.56

CC # 1: $12,675.01/$13,444.25

CC # 2: $16,067.86/$16,131.48

Total: $60,470.46/$67,721.50

Total Decrease $7,251.04


I am not going to have much more of a snowball this month, I had to refill the emergency fund and my Dad found a great deal on a beef cow which we have been on the lookout for. So I will be paying for half of the cow which will decrease my future grocery budget by a big amount. Thankfully I have a pretty decent snowball amount so I can take advantage of this deal and not add to the debt. We eat a lot of beef here and it is so expense in the store. This also gives me an additional motivation to use up what is in my freezer to clear out space for when the cow is butchered.


The only expense I have coming up the rest of the month is dinner out for my youngest son's birthday date. I'm planning on taking the kids to McDonalds which is a giant step down from the dinners out and parties that we would normally have. This should run me less than my $20 of blow money for this paycheck that I have budgeted.


Hope everybody has a great week.

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You are such a great inspiration. Keep up the great work. There are others who would throw their hands up in the air.

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Doesn't getting your house in order just make you feel better?! I really need to do that as there is not one room in my house that I am proud of and feel is presentable. This week, the focus is on getting our taxes in order since our appointment is next week but you have inspired me to try to work on the house a little here and there.

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Because of having a new baby at home I can only get things done in short spurts. Today I have wiped off my bathroom mirror and counter/sink. Yesterday I quickly cleaned the toilet and swept the foyer. It's not lots but it does add up over time if you do little 2 minute jobs here and there. My girls are helpful too since they rake out the trash, sweep, vacuum, etc when I ask them too.

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