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Bonus Time!



Of course I love a good bonus, who doesn't?


At work our bonuses came thru today. I won't complain about it because, hey, it's a bonus! But I had thought it would be a little more. Oh well! The manager before the one I have now, is the guy who submitted all the merit increase and bonus paperwork back in Dec-2014, right before he left. So at that time, I hadn't stepped up on a lot of projects and therefore I a got a middle of the road (just like most everyone else) "meets expectations" on everything type of rating. So it's a good thing, but I know next year's will be a little better ;)


GOOD news - along with my 3.10% pay increase and a bonus this year, we have 2 long-timer folks retiring this year, causing 2 higher-level openings & my current manager has promised me one. Just a matter of which one, I guess. The other employee who has the same 'seniority' as me - hired about 2wks before me - is also up for promotion, but she hasn't volunteered on extra projects or gone the extra mile that I know of. So no idea when the promotion will happen, and "who gets it first". Not a huge deal really.

MORE Good news - My manager is well aware of how much I love working on this project. So is my other manager (the one ON the project, not my usual mgr.) So is the director (his manager) and HIS boss the VP of the region. I am so excited that they are seeing the change and effort I am putting in. I actually look forward to coming in to work more, and I work on the weekends a little bit from home on the laptop (which I never did before). I am initiating/making process changes, giving support that wasn't there before, and the people who work below me and alongside me are loving the changes (they're better for everyone). I really feel like I could do this kind of work permanently - it's project management or just management, essentially. But I am just overall happy with how things are going at work :D


Threw the bonus (after tax, blech) at the VISA and we are getting darn close. I still need to revise our budget to accomodate Casper's food (on a monthly auto-pay order) and his diabetes supplies so they don't take us by surprise anymore. I think the slew of vet visits are over, the only thing we need to focus on next is his dental health. But that is something I feel we can price out and save up for. He also still has fleas which is irritating. We've tried frontline 3x on the nape of his neck but I guess we have to keep it up. My in-laws swear by this spray stuff that you spray on furniture and carpets but they can't recall the brand. Sigh!


I kicked up the weekly grocery budget a little because I am on an 8-month bootcamp challenge. Winner takes home a cash prize which is nice! But it is a gluten free diet with high protein/fat low carb approach. I know that I can find ways to tighten the groceries and still eat this healthy - but it's so hard. It feels like I do not have time in the day for that. I've been crock pot dinner-ing all week and it's been saving my butt. Following a meal plan is too. I just need to go to Grocery Outlet or Winco for my frozen meats (the bulk of grocery cost) and stick to it.


The weather has remained gorgeous and the garden is coming along! We spent some blow last weekend at a local greenhouse/nursery. WOW. We bought potatoes, cilantro and other herbs, and some other plants I can't recall. $17 total. We love our garden and we want to build one or two more raised garden beds as the plans for the 2 large and 1 small one we have, are full. The only problem is I want these 2"x12" (I think) cedar planks that we used last year to build them. They are more spendy than other kinds of wood. But cedar LASTS LONGEST in wet conditions. So I prefer quality here, but we could use a cheaper wood and save. Dilemma.


anyways, that's it for me right now. Got to get back - I have extended my break too long ;) Miss you guys, I do pop in and read, but it only lasts 5 minutes before I'm off to do something else more important. I'm sorry!!

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Gelly that is a wonderful update. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying your job more and that things are going really well there. :)

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I would go with a pretreated wood over Cedar. Cedar is great but has to be maintained to truly last, by either staining or sealing yearly. Much more maintenance. The treated wood will last ages without needing anything. For instance, we have a Cedar deck, but the base is built with the treated wood so it will last longer. If you do decide to go with Cedar, make sure you seal or stain all sides of it, as if you only do one moisture will still rot it out quickly. I live on the "Wet Coast" too, just up from you outside Vancouver, BC.

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Thanks for the advice! Seeing as  these are veggie gardens, I have shied away from 'treated' wood in general. Is the pretreatment safe as far as not leeching into the soil and edibles?

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I would avoid the treated wood for gardening.  Better to replace more often than to have the heavy metals leach into your soil.


It's recommended when working with treated lumber to wear gloves and a mask, and to wash hands frequently.  Doesn't sound that safe to me!

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I wouldn't use treated wood for an edible garden either.


In most cases, cedar is the best wood to use for garden beds because cedar is naturally rot resistant. Western red cedar is commonly used, but Vermont white cedar, Port Orford (yellow) cedar and Juniper are also great choices for outdoor construction projects. Redwood is another excellent rot-resistant wood, but redwood is a more limited resource. How long the wood will last depends on the type of cedar and your local weather conditions. In our garden, we use red cedar for building the beds, and some of these beds have lasted 15 years. In general, you should expect about 10 years from a cedar bed before it begins to deteriorate.

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There are tons of articles out there debunking the thought that treated wood is dangerous. The main concern used to be the arsenic that was used in the chemical mixture, which isn't used any more, also the process in general is different. It just doesn't leech into the soil like it used to. That being said, do your research and use what you are most comfortable with. In our wet conditions cedar starts to deteriorate within about 5 years.

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DH and his co-worker both do a bit of gardening and since the co-worker is planning to do some beds with those concrete blocks with the 2 holes in them.. hmm don't know what they're called.. Now DH wants to, says it's much cheaper than wood. We are going to work on a design that uses these concrete blocks to build a stair into our hillside in the backyard. We have a terraced yard where our current beds are and the small deck. then you walk down a semi-steep hill to another 'level' of yard which our fire pit is in. I would love an actual stair down that hill especially when the grass is wet. Much easier. Anyway, all these things are DIY and as money allows, and for the time being that is not happening right now.


Just cancelled my old phone line with Verizon the other week, now that I have a work-paid cell phone. I had put my personal line on hold for 3mos to ensure there wouldn't be issues before I cancelled, basically trying out the work phone as a personal one for a while - but I officially cancelled so our current bill is $427. DH's line cost $88 + my cancel fee. This will take some effort, ugh! Glad to have it over with soon though.

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