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Drum roll please........the bathroom is done!



We are finally done with our bathroom remodel. I could not be happier with how it turned out. The work is beautiful, I'm so glad we had professionals do a lot of it. We ran into electrical and plumbing issues that added to the cost, but we did some work ourselves to offset those expenses. I don't have the final bill from BIL and I haven't tallied up all our receipts yet. I want to enjoy it a bit longer before the reality sets in with just how over budget we may have gone. Here are the pics, the room is small and I don't have a fancy camera, so I can't get a full room shot.




A couple of before shots for dramatic purposes! LOL!


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What a wonderful finished product!  I know you and your family will really enjoy this new bathroom.  It is impressive!

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Thank you !!


They did a great job on that cabinet. It is so nice to finally have some storage in this room.


It's kind of funny we raised 2 DD's in this house with only a single sink and one outlet in the bathroom, now that both girls are out of the house we finally have our double sinks and outlets on each side of the vanity!

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It. Looks. FABULOUS! I love it!! I love it so much. Haha, so happy for you. Easier to clean and you'll enjoy the time you spend in there too!

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My favorite thing is the mirror trim work. Why didn't I think of that when I changed our fixtures? The builders had so many huge holes from the electrical that we had a lot of drywall patching, that trim would have covered the drywall AND looks so much nicer.


Second favorite things are the hooks on the towel rack. DH never leaves a hanging towel straight.

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Thank you everyone!


We love it. I makes me happy everytime I walk in there. Currently because it's still chilly in the mornings, my favorite thing is the heat fan we now have. I no longer have to crank up the thermostat.

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