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feeling stalled



I'm not sure if it's my personality, hormones, or something else that has happened to me since having children, but I have such a hard time now getting anything (mainly project related) done.

Thank goodness money stuff is automated. I'm good at the day to day, I cook all of our meals (from scratch, usually ), the laundry stays done & put away, but other things I just drag my feet on. Do you know, I STILL have not gone to pick out new countertops and get estimates done? And that I've been wanting to build a deck for years now?


I don't believe in feeling guilty, but I am a little bothered by my lack of urgency and how long I'm able to procrastinate on things.


I think I'll blame it on the kids, and my desire to meet that next, always elusive, financial goal. All the things I tend to put off cost money & time.


Just rambling, as yet another week passes...

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I understand completely. It's been months since we bought new knobs for our kitchen cupboards. But first I need to clean the cupboards/recondition them. Oh, and get new screws, since the ones they came with are too long. I blamed the holidays for not getting to it. Christmas is over, so now I'll blame St. Patrick's Day! ;-) It's the same with sewing curtains. I need to get my sewing machine cleaned/fixed first, but the sewing cabinet is covered with papers. So instead, I've launch a full purge in my sewing room/home office. Meanwhile that bolt of fabric has been leaning up against the corner of our dining room for six months.


All that is to say I completely empathize with you. Sometimes one just want to "be" and enjoy life and not always have to be "doing."

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And that's it! I love my life. I like not being under the gun with deadlines, and having the time to read books, be with my family, eat good food. Having new countertops or a new deck might add some to those experiences, but I don't want the stress right now of getting those projects underway.

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I cook all of our meals (from scratch, usually ), the laundry stays done & put away


I'm not sure I'd use the word problem, but I think I found the cause.

After a full day of work, does your husband want to start drafting plans for a deck? Do you jump all over him for this laziness? Of course not. Then why get down on yourself about it.


My wife was talking about summer upkeep plans the other day.

One plan was painting some wood trim on our garage. I remarked, we've got the paint already, we can do that. With a steely gaze she responded "and you have time when?"


If you really want to do this, make time. Seeing as we're already an hour short of the regular allotment this week, it'll probably be hard to create an actual new hour. Maybe focus on removing some of the things you have planned for the existing hours.



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I'm the same way, but instead of thinking of myself as complacent I prefer satisfied. Most things are just not worth the cost right now to me. I'd much rather throw it all on the mortgage. Well DH bought a new to me can that I'm rather enjoying but I didn't even test drive it, just sent him in to wheel and deal. I did NOT want to hassle with it myself.

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If you haven't already, i recommend reading "say goodbye to survival mode" its written by the lady that does the money saving mom site. It talks a lot about being intentional about your time the way DR talks about being intentional about your money. Good stuff about setting your priorities and doing what fits with those priorities and then letring the rest go.


If getting new countertops was really a high priority for you, wouldn't you have it done already? :-)

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