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Good News Bad News




Well I got the results yesterday. There is no cancer and for that I am incredibly grateful. The mass we can feel did not show up on the CT scan, this is good news because the surgeon says that may indicate that it is indeed a fatty mass.


The bad news is that I have a serious, serious - problem with fibroids - to the point where they recommended a hysterectomy as soon as possible. They made an appointment for me with my OBGYN for today. They have sent the results of them to her. The surgeon suggested that we work in concert and he will take out the mass at the same time I have the hysterectomy. Apparently, he is not a hysterectomy surgeon so I will need two doctors.


I find this odd because I don't have any symptoms that I know of that are related to fibroids. But the issue is severe enough that my uterus is twice the size it should be, and they are unable to identify my ovaries. And now you all know more about me than anyone should.


I'll know more about my options later today. Sad - yup. But it is what it is - and it is NOT cancer - so I'm lucky - Very, Very Lucky.


In other news - I have heard from my lawyer -he sent a letter to Alan's lawyer. He is asking for "rehabilitative spousal support" asked if they would agree to the use of a private judge.

He requested proof of separate property that Alan claims. He also mentioned that I have none of the household goods, fixture or furniture and would they like to fix that - or would they rather make it a further calculation on the property settlement.


So that's where we are.

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Yay on no cancer!  Sorry to hear about the fibroids.  Sounds like progress is happening divorce-wise, and that is good too!

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{{Hugs}} That is a bad news/good news report. We've all been worried and thinking about you, so thank you for sharing the results. May I suggest you get a second opinion about surgery. These days there are other options to deal with fibroids besides a hysterectomy. One of them is cutting off the blood supply to the fibroid(s) so it dies a natural death, preserving your reproductive organs. Since cancer is not apparent at this time, it doesn't hurt to take a little more time to find out what other treatment options you might have. And have a female gyn oncologist take a look at your results.

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Thank you for the update, I am so glad to hear that cancer is off the table for now!


I agree with getting a 2nd opinion.  That is a huge surgery and it can't hurt to see what someone else has to say.

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I'm glad to hear about your good results.
I'm not such a fan of their hurry-and-have-a-major-surgery-with-lifelong-consequences-asap routine. Is there a reason they are so aggressive? I don't see a reason for the asap part.

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Second or even third opinion!  Even if you have to pay out of pocket for it.  Too many surgeons rush into hysterectomies and that is a major major surgery.  I would want to feel confident with my decision and not just base it on one opinion.  You also need to check with your employer as soon as you have decided what to do as you will be out of work for many weeks - I think 6 weeks or so was the last one I recall having here (I do payroll).  


I am so glad to hear the mass was not cancer.  I am sure its a relief.  


Sending {{{{{{good vibes}}}}}} your way!

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He's a surgeon so his goal is surgery. If you aren't having heavy bleeding/anemia or pain, there usually isn't a reason to have a hysterectomy. It's something to think about and talk to a GYN about. If you do have the fibroids removed (without a hysterectomy) the new standard is to not have them chopped up inside you just in case they contain any cancer cells. And I would find a doctor who is comfortable with minimally invasive or robotic surgery so that your recovery is only 2 weeks vs. 6. 


ETA: ovaries are often not where you expect them to be. They often float around. If your ovary has a cyst on it, it can look weird. Or a little endo on the ovary can attach it to other organs (ie bowel) so that people who are not trained for gyn tests can't id them.

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Oh I am SO relieved to hear that news! I was concerned that it had been a while since you checked it. 


Others have said it and I agree, get a 2nd opinion from your OB/GYN.


I am also glad to hear that your lawyer has made those requests. Fingers crossed, there is some progress shortly. 

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Fibroids can often be removed laparoscopically.  Same with hysterectomies. Both outpatient.  Although most surgeons will fight the insurance company to keep you overnight for the hysterectomy. Recovery is very quick with limits on lifting.  No cancer, go conservative but don't be afraid, these surgeries are not what they used to be.

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Yes, slow down and check out all of your options. Since you don't have pain symptoms, you have some time to think, research, process, and choose.


Yeah! no cancer!!!!!!

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