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Going AWOL




We are down to the nuts and bolts here and will be going AWOL shortly.


My husband has taken leave to be with us as much as possible before he leaves :)


After he leaves our family will taking an "extended vacation". We will be moving into my great-grandfather's home on the farm where I grew up. It will be an amazing 6mths for our kiddos as my entire family still lives within a stones throw of the family farm. There will be calves to watch being born, barn cats to play with, creeks to wade, etc. We will be keeping our current house here in NJ while we are gone and will be coming back a few weeks before dh does.


All that to say our time on the internet will be extremely limited from here on out. We plan to be back to normal operating systems in October ;)

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Praying for you as you adjust to all the changes of him leaving, your moving and then his return.  I know it hits the family hard.   We'll look forward to short updates when you have the time to do that!

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Sounds like this may have potential to be one of your kids' all-time favorite spring/summer experiences.  I'll be praying all goes smoothly and that the blessings will outweigh the challenges on every front.

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