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Just a quick update!




Sorry I disappeared for a couple of weeks! I wasn't feeling well and couldn't figure out why. Then last Friday I suddenly had an awful toothache. Our insurance didn't start on day 1 like it was supposed to because the ice storm delayed our paperwork... It started Sunday. So, I have a bill for $101 for an emergency Saturday dental visit with the parent of a toddler at school. But, the infection is getting better and I now have dental insurance again so I will be going in for her to explore the damage in a few weeks.


Work is awesome! I was able to make it work to move to a permanent classroom position in the infant room, I love it! Alex is doing very well at work, learning their systems much faster than his boss had hoped. He has already taken over running one of the daily conference calls and will take over a second next week. He worked from home the last two days and luckily he is able to do so very easily. It helps that nobody he works alongside is in his location. He will be traveling for work a few times over the next two months, including the 3 days before Passover. Not super excited about doing all the prep work myself but it's worth it!


Financially things are pretty hairy still. We got a partial paycheck for his first week of work. However, the debts we haven't paid for a long time are now at the point were collection agencies are starting to threaten legal action. We are meeting with a bankruptcy attorney tomorrow morning because the first one we tried didn't work out. Praying we can get through this, either with things being discharged or a payment plan. Either way, things are too out of hand to get it back under control even with higher pay. The 8 weeks of no income from Alex at all didn't help, but we are very grateful he finally healed from the surgery and is healthy!


Naomi had her speech evaluation this week and OT was rescheduled for Monday due to weather. Hoping we can get an answer soon. She's had some success with headphones helping her complete her work by keeping distracting noise at bay.


Ariel has humongous tonsils right now but it turns out no infection. We are monitoring them, praying it is a virus and they will go back to their normally large but not dangerous size. Prayers for that would be appreciated! Otherwise, the twins are doing fantastic! We are finally out of Pull Ups at night. Naomi still needs them but the pediatrician said not to push it until we get the other stuff figured out.


That's our very long update from the last few weeks! I'm heading to bed so I'm ready to meet with the lawyer tomorrow with a rested mind and body! Good night!

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