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CT scan at 3:00 EST today




I got a call from the Surgeon's office this morning and am going in for a CT scan with contrast today at 3:00. I'm really really really really really really nervous.......


It's going to be ok - the only thing I'm really worried about is the IV. I pass out over needles. But I can do this. I won't look, I'll think about my favorite things - and it's all going to be ok.


The worst part right now is that I can't drink anything - not since 11:00 today.


I could really use your prayers and good thoughts on this.



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((HUGS)) and prayers.


It will be okay.  Tell the nurse that you are nervous over needles and they will try to help you not be nervous. 

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I am thinking of you now while it is going on and am sending calming, healing thoughts. By the time you read this, it will be over but you will likely still be waiting for results. That is always the hardest part for me. I hope that they get back with you quickly and that it is a relatively simple treatment/fix. 



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It's 434 EST.....do you get results right away for this or do you have to wait a week or something?  Just wondering if you have an update.


Thinking about you.

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Hope all went well.  You've got this - no matter what it is.  


I took my 13yo dd to her pedi 2 weeks ago b/c we thought she had strep throat.  When the dr was feeling her glands, she felt something on her thyroid and immediately ordered an ultrasound.  Of course I wanted to immediately jump to the worst conclusion, but I had to stop those thoughts.  I didn't allow myself to look online at all.  Then it was funny, when I mentioned it to a couple of people they told me stories of people in a similar situation and it ended up being something minor.  We have been told now it is most likely minor and are waiting on an appt with a specialist, just so she can be observed.  


Stop the scary thoughts when they pop up.  They will serve you no purpose.  

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