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This plan is working



So I am sure I will get a wet noodle beating for this since we are in BS2 yet but it was a much needed trip. Emotionally and physically (well not actually physically as I am exhausted 2 days later still).


My state had its State Wrestling Tournament this past weekend and we went. My DS16 wrestles and so I was saving as you never know if he would make it to the tourney wrestling or not. My DS23 made it his first year and we didn't thing he would. So I figured I was going to be prepared this time. I saved a little bit for a few months a had $1000 saved just in case. Well he didn't make it, got 6th in our section. So I had this money and 2 of our variety guys did make it. Did I say we have been a wrestling family for 19 years now and Its kind of in our blood now. So I have this money and I have 2 choices take a mini vacation or toss it as a snowball. Yup the vacation won. It has been a long time since we have just taken off and went somewhere for pleasure so we went. But the reason the plan is working is WE DID IT ALL WITH CASH AND ON BUDGET!! Actually under budget, $50 under. We made a plan and did a budget for what we would spend and where. Any other time in the past I would have not saved and then got caught with no money and a needed trip and cards would have been used.


Now I got paid and don't have to worry about where the money is coming from to cover the trip and bills. We also put Tires on the vehicle and paid our federal taxes all with our snowball money.


But I am starting to stress a little my DH went to the dr yesterday for a pain in his chest area (thinking heartburn) well as he is 49 they figured they better do the full work up. EKG, Xrays, and blood work. Now I am going to hate that bill coming in as we have not yet meet our deductible. I know the clinic will work with us on the payments but I don't want to add anymore debit. Hopefully we can get this one paid off fast. UGH!! All that to tell him it most likely is heartburn and to take these meds. Nice thing is they gave him some sample to try first.






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LOL--ok, so noddle--a limp one from me. I love it that you spent some time with your family that has now left all of you with memories which will last forever. This is why personal financial choices are just that..."personal". ;)


I hope your dh is ok. Just start to save now to pay the bills as they hit--you won't have to pay all of it tomorrow, you will be ok.

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Yes. A trip in BS2 isn't really with the "program", but I must congratulate you on budgeting for it and sticking to the budget. This will/should totally change how approach such trips in the future.

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I'll just put the wet noodle in you hands.  Do you deserve a wet noodle?  Should you have made the trip?  Was it the right decision in retrospect?  What if DH had really had a heart attack?  Would you have been glad that you spent the time together or sorry that you hadn't prepared better financially?  Was this a one time deliberately planned expenditure or are you losing gazelle-ness? 

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Yes Plinda I am glad I spent the time with the Dh and DS. Time goes by so fast and from learning from the other children once they leave for college you don't get much time with them. I am glad I spent the days with my DH.


We are now back at it and even more gazelle cause next year I don't want to feel guilty that I went and spent that time.


As for DHs medical bills. We are saving our snowball so when the bill comes in we can pay it off right away. That way we have no new debt and if we over save we will throw what is left at the next debt.


Thanks everyone for the comments.

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