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Another week away from home



We're winding down tonight & I am prepping for another week out of town for work beginning tomorrow. This project is moving along quickly, and now that I've spent last week covering for someone who went on vacation, I will spend this week learning another key piece of the project... Before it becomes my responsibility 100%! I gotta tell you, I am terrified, however I signed up for this didn't I? This can only bring good things and opportunities! (I hope!!) So please wish me a lot of luck or say a prayer for this week. I know I can do this, but I'm hoping the transition is easier than I am expecting! Also, once the project is over (April?) I don't know if I'll just hop back into my usual role at the office like nothing happened or what.


Things on the home front have been good! We spent this and last weekend working around the yard, since the weather's been so lovely! I think doing stuff around the house is very therapeutic. It just makes you feel good. I'm glad DH has been trying and putting himself out there, doing gardening and cleanup with me because he knows that is what I want. I know he doesn't always want to do it (Well he loves gardening, but the cleanup not as much!!) but the fact that he's doing it anyways, to make me happy, I do appreciate. We've dug ourselves a fire pit, gotten the veggie gardens situated, and done some yard cleanup. Today began tackling our hoarders-style garage. YIKES. The garage was overwhelming me to the point where I couldn't be in there for long without getting angry or sad. In addition to all of the "stuff" we accumulated Fall 2013 from his parents downsizing, he occasionally brings stuff home from his job at the storage place (they have someone who buys the abandoned units, it doesn't always play out like what you see in Storage Wars!), and combined with leftover wedding stuff & our own possessions, our garage looked like a bomb hit. Well next weekend a 10-piece drum kit goes back to my musician-stepfather's home, and DH will piece together his own kit with his favorite pieces (we have a TON.. of drums, heads, cymbals, stands, etc right now), finally we'll sell the rest. We are tackling this together and it feels SO GOOD.


On the finance front, we are doing well! We went out with my 3 cousins and a 4th girlfriend for my golden birthday thing at an italian place last night. We all wore something gold - accessories, hairpiece, etc. It was such a treat, so much fun. We haven't all been together in the same place since Christmastime, so it was nice to catch up. The girls spoiled me with fun gifts like candles, makeup, VS undies - just those little things that following DR I don't really buy for myself so it is a real treat to get them as gifts. Anyway, DH and I stayed under budget for the dinner, as we have been in other areas - groceries, gas, bills each paycheck. Just chipping away, I guess. Coming up in March we are anticipating a bonus at my work, and then April is a "3 paycheck" month for me. We have these things both earmarked for the VISA, it will be such a good feeling to fill in my "VISA" payoff meter! ;)


Casper's diabetes treatment has been slow to progress. The first vet we went to (Vet "A") we liked during the first couple appointments, but their staff we found to be increasingly difficult to work with and not so knowledgeable. It's a really long story, so I won't get into it, but DH found another vet closer to home that was more helpful and empathetic in one visit than Vet A was in 2 visits and 6+ phone calls. The new vet's secretaries BOTH had cats with diabetes so they were more helpful and understanding of the fact that this can be expensive and that we're trying to help Casper while not spending an arm and a leg! We invested in a blood glucose monitor kit on Amazon (after I hunted and read reviews for 2 days), and it's waiting for us at the post office right now. I made sure the lancets and test strips are things that can be purchased relatively cheaply and are compatible with the machine. Vet B wanted us to have our kit before they'd prescribe the insulin, so DH is going tomorrow to get the test machine from the post office and then get the prescription filled and literally, I hope Casper has his first insulin shot by dinnertime tomorrow. I hate putting this off knowing the cat has constant high blood sugar. I really hope we are doing OK as pet owners, finding a balance between $$$ and doing the right things for him.


MMMkay, well that got long, when do I ever have a short blog entry? But I felt it was necessary to pop in so people don't think that we've fallen off the wagon again and are in hiding. Heh :) Off to do some catch-up on the forums!

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DH said him and Casper have a free 8am vet appt tomorrow to get started on the insulin, finally! I am anxious to see how Casper changes, behavior-wise.. He has thrown up 3x in the last week, after not having thrown up at all since we've gotten him over a month ago. I don't know how he's managed all these years being diabetic with no help and not even a special diet! It just stresses me out seeing him barf like that (it's not hairballs) and I feel helpless. Hopefully the treatment will curb his extreme hunger at mealtime and overall make him feel 100% better!!


Bought $20 worth of food - salads, frozen dinners, protein bars, an odwalla shake - at Winco in the town I am staying at 'til Wednesday. I'll get $72 in per diem sometime next week likely. I'm tempted to order-in or eat out "because I can" on the corporate card! But I have my health to think about as well, so that's helping me keep to the plan of eating my frozen dinner and getting money back later. Even made sure not to bring my debit card with me or anything.. So I've got $2 and lots of change left in my purse, and I am forced to basically eat what I've bought and the continental breakfast food. ;)

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Yard work? That's it, I'm moving to the West Coast!  I am so done with all of this snow!


Sorry about your cat!  We also had an big increase in cat costs with the vomiting/raw food diet. The vomiting started shortly after we got a new kitten, so I still think it could have been stress/an ulcer, but the vet thinks he is allergic to chicken, and who knows what they really put in pet food these days. We started by controlling vomiting with pepcid before we switched to the the raw diet, and now it's completely stopped. But, it's one of the many reasons it is hard for us to be as gazelle as we used to be. Pets are expensive!


My vet had recommended catinfo.org for info on feeding wet food (novel protein), but it was so hard to find with no chicken byproducts, that we were inspired to try her raw food recipe. We are using duck, which is very expensive considering all of the fat that needs to be removed, but it's helped him put on weight.

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